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BE the LIGHT in the world, OPEN the HEART SPACE in TRUTH

WE ARE asked at this time to remember who we are by allowing our SPIRIT to reveal to us TRUTH. Nothing is ever lost by opening our heart except the pain that resides there. In my work with people I always remind them that this is a win/win scenario. The pain that has walked with them until the point they connect with me is simply the companion on the path to me. Once they begin to connect and to release, the pain then recedes for it can go no further.

As human beings we were never created to store pain, this has been a conditioned response to the dimensional space that humanity were placed within. So we begin our human life experience in survival mode, as we then go thru various experiences in this life we learn how to close down, we begin to believe our mind when it says "never again" and then stores the experience to then replay it as soon as we believe we are about to experience similar. This storing of pain is the cause of disruption in the human vessel and can be addressed thru the releasing of the pain itself.

Many people ask me how they can release the pain without going thru the trauma of experiencing it again and I always tell them that releasing the root of the pain is key. Working with symbols I work to release the holding patterns without the person ever going into any detail about the actual experience, all that is required is the work with the symbols. This work is done in alignment with the heart space and is a very profound and expansive process when once started.

We tend to hold the belief that healing is as painful as the trauma that created the pain in the first place and this is non TRUTH. Working closely with the Archangels and HEAVEN in TRUTH we can work to release deeply held patterns in GRACE and EASE. This is part of the gifting from HEAVEN in TRUTH in relation to doing this deep work. The more relaxed the situation can be the easier for the symbols to reveal themselves and the deep release to be achieved.

We do not have to continue in pain, the Archangels are working extremely hard at this time to re route us to the healing that we require in order to come back into balance. It is the GRACE of Creator that allows us to touch the very point of connection with HEAVEN in TRUTH thru the Archangels and guides us to the understanding that yes we may have gone thru trauma, pain and separation but this can and will be healed as we open our hearts and allow LOVE in TRUTH to flow thru us and out into the world around us.



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