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As the tides of human emotional debris begin to rise and the flood water begins to build many within humanity are given the opportunity to step aside from said flood, in everyday human terms they are given the opportunity to become WATERPROOF.  How can this be done? surely if we are human then we are open to drowning in the flood that is now gaining in momentum?  in this our human form we always have choice.

That which is unfolding is the outpouring of human emotional debris from WITHIN humanity.  The flood waters are not external they are internal and they have reached levels internally that the human physical vehicle simply cannot cope with anymore. The human physical form was never intended for use as a storage vehicle and yet that is what the old earth construct/matrix has conditioned humanity to use it as.  Where we hold on to emotional debris we fragment.  We begin to break down and the weak spots that the old earth construct/matrix uses to manipulate get bigger.  We become blind to our own emotional distress and in doing so continue to experience it in ways that we simply cannot see.

At this time the clean up operation is fully underway. For those who are able to surrender fully to Christ (please see Releasing Eden website as to how this is hijacked by the construct of religion) the protection from the internal flood is through the Blood of Christ.  It is under this protection that we can navigate the spiritual bindings that hold us to said flood and prevent the releasing of the emotional debris itself.

This process of expanding beyond the reaches of the emotional debris is now fully underway and many are now able to see dry land albeit they may not at this moment be able to fully reach it. Reaching dry land is the surrender of all, any and every emotional trauma that we have ever experienced in this our human life.  This cannot be done from a merely human physical everyday perspective because said emotional trauma is bound spiritually in places that the human logical mind and human consciousness is prevented from entering.

As we move further into TRUTH and move further into the realms beyond the deep inner heart space of this our human physical vehicle we begin to explore the worlds beyond the old earth construct/matrix and in doing so we align more fully with wider creation in TRUTH. It is a process and one that requires complete surrender for we have been conditioned repeatedly and heavily to rely on our human logical mind, the mind cannot take us where we require to walk and the mind will work against us if we attempt to use it as the navigation tool. For further help, support, tools and assistance please visit the main Releasing Eden Website. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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