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WE ARE asked to understand the symbolism of the human life experience and the language that is used against humanity. Where we talk of various constructs we must understand how they affect us at a spiritual as well as physical level for all that is spiritual births on to the physical plane. This occurs for EVERYTHING not only the LIGHT that is present upon the physical plane at this time.

EVERYTHING that is spiritual will empty out on to the physical plane of existence that humanity live upon and this is part of prophecy. When WE ARE surrounded by that which is not referenced nor seen by humanity we must become more and more aware of how it appears on the physical plane. It is one thing to understand for example a demon but another to understand how this energy manifests thru into the human physical plane of existence.

Humanity have been conditioned to disbelieve as default. The logical human mind is adept at ignoring that which is presenting itself to us. It is HOW it presents that is the key, and if we are deep within our heart space we can see beyond the illusion that is presented to our naked human eyes. The end of times is now unfolding and HEAVEN in TRUTH is now amassing upon the physical plane as prophecy states. The problem with prophecy is how it is INTERPRETED by a race that has no reference points for that which is within said prophecy.

The old earth matrix has long worked to hide the meanings of what is written and that which is foretold which is WHY everything will manifest in the physical plane of existence for we can explain over and over but even with physical experience of energies there is denial because humanity have been conditioned that without a belief there can be no manifestation.

You do not have to believe in rain for it to rain, you do not have to believe in evil for it to do its work, belief has nothing to do with anything. It is simply a control mechanism that is accepted by a race that has been conditioned to only accept what can be seen. As we filter out over 95% of all available information this is like looking at a rainbow and only seeing red because that is the only color that humanity has been conditioned to believe exists. Just because there is no belief in the other 6 colors do not mean they do not exist, only that they are not physically recognized.

As we now expand beyond the conditioned realms of acceptance and anchor more and more LIGHT we are able to distinguish that which has blended into the background of the human life experience. It is TRUTH that triggers understanding for it triggers that which is using camouflage to move, it is the movement that we pick up and as we pick it up it is revealed to us in TRUTH. A soldier who is wearing camouflage cannot be easily seen when he is standing still, however if he moves and the camouflage shimmers he can be acknowledged.

That which stalks humanity and remains unseen is now revealed by HEAVEN in TRUTH in order that we can now clear the path before us for TRUTH JUST IS.



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