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BELIEVING is "seeing", the cleansing of the human eyes from the tears of separation in TRUTH

WE ARE at this time asked to understand the role that we have come into this dimensional space to step into. Many have followed the path of "I AM" and found themselves on an ego trip like no other. Many have decided they are somehow "god" and that somehow they are able to "create" albeit the world remains a place of deep pain, trauma and separation, a sort of "i am alright jack, just do this and you will be fine".

WE ARE asked to understand the importance and place of being "human", of being able to see and understand the pain of humanity whilst walking within them. Christ did not walk this earth and choose who to help whilst turning his back on others because it did not suit his 'ego", he walked with those in the most pain and for this he was crucified. Those who sought to keep humanity enslaved thru the religious interpretations of the day were those who crucified a man who did nothing other than show compassion and LOVE in TRUTH in a world where these were denied.

WE ARE asked at this time to have compassion and understanding for the pain that is about to ENGULF this race. A race that have been subject to inhumane treatment their entire existence and who have gone thru intense trauma and physical separation over the past 18 months or so. The fall out from this is only now about to reveal itself. It is one thing to "think" another to understand. The outpouring of grief for that which was "lost" will now begin and many will appear to drown in the outpouring. WE ARE asked to stand firmly on the ROCK that IS Christ in order that we are not pulled into the waters that will now RISE fully.

It is not our place to dive headlong into the pain and grief of a race that we have walked thru. IT IS OUR PLACE TO AID WHERE THEY CROSS OUR PATH. Where Creator thru CHRIST places a human being that we can give nourishment to WE ARE asked to allow said nourishment to flow thru our heart space and be accepted by those who are open to the nourishment. This will make more sense to those who are now in place to allow this to occur.

WE ARE not here to judge this race, a race that is beyond broken. WE ARE not here to step into some ego driven role that has us above anyone. WE ARE here in the Will of CREATOR thru CHRIST, WE work in the GRACE of CREATOR thru CHRIST and it is His Will be done. WE ARE asked to simply be the vessel thru which LOVE in TRUTH pours in order that those who are now ready to receive can drink.

This is as simple as listening to a neighbor and giving them a hug, it is a simple as holding a child as they struggle to understand the world around them, it is as simple as laughing with a friend, touching the heart of a human is the way forward. For many this will be rejected, they fear LOVE in TRUTH so much that they will cling to their grief like a lifeboat and that is THEIR CHOICE. WE ARE but the message that CREATOR thru CHRIST sends to humanity at this time.

WE ARE about to enter the days of NOAH, it will begin to rain very shortly and it will not stop raining until the earth is washed clean. The rainbow that appears after a shower of rain is only seen by those who are standing on the ROCK because they are the only ones that can see the rain at this time. For the rest of humanity it will be the continued illusion of freedom as they gulp down the flood of grief and are water logged from the inside out.

WE ARE NOT lifeboats, WE ARE LIGHT HOUSES warning of the rocks that threaten to endanger the ships that are now coming to the shore to offload their cargo. The cargo is LIGHT for it is within the 144,000 who boarded the ships and have slept en route. They now begin to awake fully for we are now fulfilling prophecy at a human everyday waking life experience level.



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