• Karen Doonan


We are about to move into a period of movement that is beyond our human logical mind reference point. The harvesting of the 2000 year cycle is now drawing to a close and as we walk away from the killing fields we approach the horizon. It is on this horizon that we gain the perspective that we require at this time in order to continue our walk and NOT TURN BACK ONCE MORE.

We are asked at this time to allow the walk, we do not walk alone, we will find that BEings will step forward in order to help us clear our vision and to walk with us as we walk to the horizon in TRUTH. It is tempting to keep looking back and to check that that which we are walking from even existed but it does and it serves no purpose to merely stand and watch. The time for WITNESSING IS NOW OVER.

There is a season for everything and we are now being moved to the edge of the next season, that of planting. We are planting ourselves in TRUTH. This will manifest in a variety of differing ways dependent upon which phase of the full ascension to evolution process we are currently moving thru.

For those who are now standing at the Archangelic Pillars of Enoch gates the movement will be monumental to understanding humanity and your place thus far within it. It will bring you to the TRUTH of humanity and their actual creation purpose within the Old Earth Matrix itself. This requires to be understood to ALL levels of Creation and there will be a short time period in which the BEings will aid you in translating to words and pictures that your human logical mind will work with.

We now take off the clothing of "human" and put on the cloth of TRUTH, this protects us as we walk towards the horizon for beyond the horizon no human in physical form has ever walked before. We are prepared, we are supported and WE ARE. Therefore the journey is assured, it is the human logical mind that is the greatest challenge in this phase for it will struggle to accept that which humanity were created for. The horror will not diminish until we accept that which we came to birth thru and into. It is in the birthing process that the horror is washed from WITHIN US and AROUND US. It is only in the washing that our garment is activated and will repel all, any and every attempt by the Old Earth Matrix to prevent our movement.



(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved.