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Beyond the door in TRUTH

We are conditioned heavily to place our expectations within those around us and in accepting this conditioning we leave ourselves wide open to manipulation at an emotional level.  From the moment we are born into this our human physical form we are subject to this conditioning.  We may not remember the first few years of our life experience, those years before we have mastered human language but those years set down an emotional foundation that we rely upon and that we remain enslaved to for the rest of our life experience.

At this time within the old earth construct/matrix there is an outpouring of rage.  We only have to look out onto the picture presented and we can find limitless reasons for falling to rage. There is not one part of the human life experience that we cannot feel anger in respect of, whether for ourselves personally or at a more global scale. This is a deliberate illusion by the old earth construct/matrix in order to trigger our own internal anger.  We may be oblivious to it, we may consciously state that we are not angry, that we have no anger and we may think that we do not but humanity are based on a template of anger and rejection.  We fuel our life experience on anger and rejection and we play it out in all areas of our human life experience.

When we grieve for the loss of someone or something part of the grieving process involves anger, if not addressed it is weaponized. We may then accept the grief as part of ourselves and not as a process and then we begin to build walls around it and begin building with it.  We may experience rejection by those around us (deeper if it is within our own birth family structure) and again not address the anger that is part of said rejection and in not addressing it make the rejection part of ourselves.  Again building defenses internally to protect it.  We are none of those processes, yet we can are conditioned to accept and begin to use them to build.  A structure with a foundation of anger, rejection, separation, pain and/or trauma is a structure that is prone to crumbling and we can go to vast lengths to maintain said structure, always focusing on the protection of it and never why it was built in the first place.

Healing only comes by allowing LOVE in TRUTH to flow freely thru us and it is one of the most challenging scenarios to walk within. Yes we may cry out for healing but when said healing will involve removing a part of ourselves that we have begun to build with, to remove that part of ourselves we have constructed our identity from then it is a whole new ball game. The human logical mind will go to war with the opportunity to heal because it interprets this as a war on identity when in TRUTH who we are sits beyond the false foundation.

It is challenging but not impossible. At this time within the expansion in TRUTH process we are shown the door that we have to exit thru. The door that the EGO and the SELF cannot walk thru because it is a frequency of LOVE in TRUTH that guards the doorway.  Only by dissolving that which we are not can we walk thru said door and we will be triggered hugely as we approach this spiritual gateway.  The old earth construct/matrix likes to teach humanity who they are and have them run with it but this is simply illusion. We have never known who we are because we were conditioned to ignore this from the moment we took our first breath.

The babe in arms that we were to our parents was filled with their dreams, their expectations and their responses which we absorbed. This does not make any of it TRUTH because when they were babes in arms to their parents the same happened to them and so it goes back thru the generations.  There are emotional themes that run within birth families and these themes are often well hidden.  Being part of a family structure makes us instantly blind to anything but the structure, we literally cannot see the wood for the trees because in our human life experience how our birth family responds to the outer waking world is seen as the base line for the entire human life experience itself.

For those who have attempted to walk away from this baseline the emotional hammering that will have ensued will have done one of two things both of which are rebellion and different sides of the same coin. You will have either continued the walk and defended said walk or gone back to the base line and defended the base line.  Such is the power in the frequency of birth family structures that we can only ever make movement that is not rebellious thru our surrender IN Christ and by allowing Him to dissolve the base line frequency itself.

We came here to experience human life in this our human physical form and in order to do so we must cleanse the entire structure. We must allow the Holy Spirit to guide us to sweep the house that our spirit resides within. Making sure that the ghosts of the past are laid to rest and that unwelcome guests and squatters are removed.  Only when the house is spotless SPIRITUALLY can the Holy Spirit then make a home within us.  This is a frequency and this is hidden by the construct of religion that seeks to make it about a set of rules and rote and ritual. We can have a beautiful house from the kerbside, it can look magnificent and adhere to all the rote and ritual you could ever dream up but if the HEART of the house is unclean no amount of nice furniture will cleanse it. No amount of nice words will hide it and no amount of rote and ritual will change any of it.

The illusion presented by the construct of religion is a beautiful house that all are welcome but look deeper.  It is build on a foundation that is not sustainable and which denies that which it maintains it offers.  Christ came to show TRUTH, He came to reveal LOVE in TRUTH, something that this construct/matrix is not built upon, He did not come to stay and live within said construct for that was not His purpose, He came to plant a seed, not within the earth but within the HEARTS of those who live within the construct. It is our HEART that makes a home, not nice furnishings and kind words.

At this time the Holy Spirit is birthing thru humanity, it is birthed thru the seed that Christ planted within the human physical form itself, within man. It is the watering of this seed that allows it to grow and it is in the trust in the GARDENER who is our Creator YHWY that sees this little seed grow into that which it was created to grow into.

Matthew 17:20 (KJV)

And Jesus said unto them, Because of your unbelief: for verily I say unto you, If ye have faith as a grain of mustard seed, ye shall say unto this mountain, Remove hence to yonder place; and it shall remove; and nothing shall be impossible unto you ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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