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Birthing thru the illusion of the OLD WORLD

Updated: May 18

As we now settle down in preparation we will be witness to the pain of the OLD WORLD and all that is connected to said world. This time of year is a time of great pain that is glossed over with the glitz and glitter of all that is NOT gold. As humanity now stand on the threshold of the NEW WORLD they will be held in the pain of the birthing of the NEW WORLD. This is the letting go fully of separation, trauma, division and non TRUTH. For the majority of humanity this is painful because they have permitted the old world to teach them how to live.

When we live from separation we sow division, when we live from trauma we repeat pain cycles, when we live from division we cannot unite. ALL JUST IS and yet this race have walked in the shackles of that which LOVE IS NOT. LOVE does not hold lists of wrongdoing, LOVE does not divide, LOVE in TRUTH UNITES.

Those who are in the most pain will attempt to gloss over said pain and WE ARE asked to have compassion but to place a gentle line between them and us, this allows us to have compassion but sees us understand that WE CANNOT cross back over into the division thru which they live. Many of you will be finding this at this time, the pull to go back into old patterns, the pull to revisit painful memories. WE ARE asked to allow HEAVEN in TRUTH to walk thru us and with us at this time. Each time an ANGEL walks thru us (if we allow it) it will lift the pain that we have been carrying. It will do this as often as is required to bring to our conscious waking level that which we must release. It is in the release that healing begins.

It is not enough to just to grit teeth and try to get thru a season which is simply the dressing of a deep wound. We must allow HEAVEN in TRUTH to remove the bandage, the let fresh air into the wound in order to first of all accept there is a wound and secondly to acknowledge that it CAN AND WILL HEAL if we allow the ANGELS to tend to it. We simply must give permission for this to happen. As with all wounds that have been left to fester there is a deep cleansing that must first of all occur. The removal of the bandage may feel a bit painful, the pouring of the WATER of LIFE thru the wound to clear it may nip or even be a searing pain, BUT thru this is the beginning of healing. The bandage does not get reapplied, the wound is revealed in order that we can WITNESS THE HEALING OF THE WOUND.

As the wound heals we gain in strength, we understand why the wound occurred and we understand that in allowing it to heal we once more become whole in TRUTH. WE UNITE THE HURT AND DAMAGED PART OF OURSELVES WITH TRUTH AND LOVE and UNITE OURSELVES in TRUTH.

It is from this place of vulnerability that the power of LOVE in TRUTH is revealed.


Karen x

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