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Birthing thru the OLD into the NEW WORLD

WE ARE asked at this time to focus on the LIGHT in TRUTH. WE ARE going thru a process of transformation and expansion to all levels of our physical, spiritual, mental and conscious waking life experience.

To some at this time it is the darkest it has ever been but as the saying goes "it is darkest before dawn". What is dawning? TRUTH is dawning, it is now gathering momentum like a gigantic snowball and is crushing many as it gathers its momentum.

WE ARE asked at this time to allow the old to go, to simply open our hand and let go. This sounds very simple and it is but human logic and the over thinking that AI has birthed into the human race works against this process. The "what if" mentality does not help at this time, we simply cannot let go of TRUTH for it stands, everything that is non TRUTH however will be swept away and we must allow this process to continue.

This WILL bring up feelings of vulnerability, feelings that may have long been buried deep inside of us but these feelings have stagnated and began to erode the outer waking picture hence they are cleansed and cleared, leaving us with a clean slate. This will also trigger those around us who have placed us in positions and roles that THEY think they require in order to live their lives. We will note that as we move certain family members, colleagues, friends or other people will begin to act strangely, some may go into anger, some may keep their distance, as we move ALL MOVES.

This life experience is one that is fragile, the fragility is part of the UNIQUE experience that we have in this human form. It is the EXPERIENCE that makes us human, so many have retreated into the AI sanctuary which is not a sanctuary but a prison cell. Many will never come back out but WE ARE here in order to move into further EXPERIENCE. The AI teaches that without a connection on the web there is no connection and NOTHING could be further from TRUTH, WE ARE ALL CONNECTED to levels that at this human physical waking level are still hidden from us due to the need of the human physical brain to validate its surroundings.

The HEART KNOWS, it understands, its translates. When it is darkest then venture into the deep heart space, sit down and listen, the communication will then get louder and louder. We must however go into the deep heart, it will not chase us around the outer waking world albeit it will leave signs and symbols to indicate there is a message waiting for us within our deep heart space.

Heart centered living is not permitting interaction that which is against Creation, it is about understanding that the human logical mind is not experiencing anything at all, it is simply projecting the landscape in which we play, it is the heart that creates the joy, the abundance, the GRACE and the LOVE in TRUTH that we seek everywhere BUT the deep heart space.


Karen x

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