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Breaking down of Reality in TRUTH

It has long been prophesied that the end of days will incur the burning of all that we have known to ash. That which is occurring in the outer waking reality at this time is beginning to disintegrate as many within humanity are beginning to reach the understanding that this "temporary" restriction is anything but. In order to harvest the human race those who keep it enslaved have to mature the product and this is done thru fear harvesting. Indeed the greater the yield of fear the better the harvest and this is now being revealed to us in order that we can stand firm in TRUTH.

Those who have enslaved this planet work on a level that is NOT seen by humanity, keeping them entranced thru various distractions and building a conditioned response to any idea whatsoever that contradicts the deep illusion that they live within. It is staggering that given the little information that humanity are permitted to access that many will simply scoff when presented with the picture that sees humanity added to Wider Creation in TRUTH and living among other sentient beings.

The narrative on all things non terrestrial has been a closely guarded one with a complex picture being presented to humanity and many have suffered as a result of attempting to alter this narrative. We are moving into a frequency bandwidth that will begin to burn all that is not TRUTH including the narratives that are built simply upon slight of hand. Humanity are now moving into a period of intense revelation that many will simply not be able to cope with nor comprehend.

The battle that rages around this dimensional space referenced as "earth" has been ongoing but humanity are NOT alone in that which occurs to them and within them. WE ARE in direct alignment with Wider Creation in TRUTH and as such we are now given the access that we require in order to begin to reveal the false narrative and to aid humanity understand who they are and why they were created. This is a deep wound that has been festering for eons and which is now being addressed. It is against galactic protocol to keep a sentient species incarcerated to the levels that humanity have been bound and to continue to feed off their intense distress.

Those who are in moving into place have a very specific creation purpose and there are those who are now being shown what this is. Let us be very clear in what we are stating and let us be very clear in who WE ARE in service to in order that we have clear understanding of that which is asked of ALL at this time. Humanity will never go back to that which was lived prior to March 2020, that was never the remit of those who moved to harvest from the reaction to that which has been implemented at this time.

The bandwidth is now expanding and as it does so more begin to understand, it is akin to a ripple that strips away the sleep from the eyes of the 144,000 TRUTH JUST IS and this is a statement that many within humanity simply cannot reach. Denial has now been in place for some 6 months as the outer waking reality has revealed that which has ALWAYS been in place but remained hidden thru various veils. Now that the veil is lifted ALL can see not only who is on the battlefield but why. Humanity are the vessels thru which the war is being played out. For those who are now ready to remove the veils that have seen them stand still without moving then the TIME IS NOW.

ORION stand ready to assist for that is the purpose of ALL at this time. For those who hold on to denial it is simply a matter of rubbing your eyes as you try to rub away that which will now be revealed to humanity in general.



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