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Breaking down the floodgates in TRUTH

Life in this our human physical form is other than it appears to our human logical mind. We may find ourselves in situations and undergoing experiences that make little or no sense to us at a conscious waking mind level.  How many times have you found yourself wondering how on earth you got to where you are at this time?  the answers are always found in the unconscious waking mind, it is from here that the invisible blueprint that the human logical mind runs to sits and it remains protected by the human logical mind with reason and with illusion.

There is little that can be done from a logic and reason perspective that does not further lock in this blueprint, the more that we try to use human logic and reason to understand the actions of others or ourselves the more we will walk deeply into the labyrinth that is created through logic and reason.  The dead ends, the frustration and the never ending questioning is how the labyrinth works, if we just wander further down this road, if we turn left instead of right, if we do the opposite of what we think we should do, all of these are further directions that lead INTO the labyrinth.

What sits at the heart of the labyrinth is control. Who's control? that of the old earth construct/matrix itself, it is designed to resemble a puzzle and we in this our human physical form are conditioned to seek for and solve puzzles. If left to its own devices the human logical mind would lock us so tightly into said labyrinth that we would never found our way out and many within humanity do not, they simply wander lost and searching, ever searching.  This is validated by the old earth construct/matrix itself which rewards the "solving" of one puzzle with another, for those who wandered to the edge of the rabbit hole and peered in many fell in and have no way of getting back out again.

So how does our heart space differ from that of our human logical mind?  the heart space is connected to beyond the labyrinth, the heart space, deep at its very core is connected to that which sits out with the old earth construct/matrix, it is connected to wider creation in TRUTH. The dimensional space that is the old earth construct/matrix is a contained dimensional space that gives the impression it is part of a wider space and is part of a universe, it has to or humanity would see through the illusion and then would begin to question even more. So questioning itself is part of the construct of the old earth matrix, it gives the illusion of control and in doing so furthers the manipulation it uses.

The heart knows and recognizes TRUTH and the war on the heart space is deliberate, where a human being can be forced to choose logic and reason over the heart space there is room for further reaping and harvesting. The entire old earth construct/matrix is one giant field, the crop are humanity and the harvest is their emotional distress. Seen from this viewpoint that which we live within begins to reveal itself in TRUTH. Except now said dimensional space is being offset, as more and more within humanity begin to see through their heart space and not just logic and reason the old earth construct/matrix is destabilizing and the tears in the illusion are become bigger and more obvious.

There comes a point in the expansion process where we internally approach the walls that we have been conditioned and encouraged to build. We reach these internal walls as we clear the emotional debris through our surrender in Christ.  As we reach an internal wall we will feel emotional, we may feel very frustrated and long forgotten memories may rise up within us once more. This is the defense mechanism of the wall itself, it is seeking to defend itself and to validate its very existence.  It is at this point that we must fully surrender IN Christ and allow the process to begin to dismantle the wall. We are fully supported in this process and we will find that as we allow the dissolving of the internal wall we begin to see and feel the human life experience afresh.  Solutions to "problems" that seemingly were un-resolveable begin to manifest and emotional distress begins to resolve itself.

The internal walls are held in place through various strongholds that are frequency bandwidths. As these are brought down then that which could not be reached and was denied by the human logical mind is reached.  It is only through the actual physical experience of this that we can reach understanding and the process will build in momentum. We start by moving slowly and taking down the little walls and then we work towards the apparent concrete walls that have been within us for generations. This is where we begin to see, feel and live in new and expansive ways because as we walk through the illusion it simply dissolves.

For many within humanity life is still presented as solid and un-moveable, for others who are now well within the expansion process this illusion is dissolving as they discover the pliability and flexibility of frequency and they begin to reach and make choices that were simply at arms length previously. There is no deep rote and ritual associated with this way of walking, it is relatively simple which is why many simply walk past the exit door, not able to accept how simple it is to change the human life experience and to sever the connections to the matrix itself.

At this time we are encouraged to keep walking through these internal spaces in order that fresh energy, fresh life and fresh experience can now birth and manifest at a human everyday waking life level. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan For further insight, support and tools to assist in the expansion process please visit the Releasing Eden website. For extended tools and additional support please subscribe to the website.

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