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Breaking the boundary limits in TRUTH

As we move further and further into the heart space and begin to work to release that which has tied us to the old earth construct/matrix itself we begin to widen and deepen our frequency.  This is vital for we are now releasing the old earth construct/matrix itself and in doing so we are releasing the illusion that is presented so strongly around us. We require to be in alignment with wider creation in TRUTH and to anchor fully to this frequency.  The more that we can achieve this alignment the more momentum this produces.

View this akin to the difference between an anchor tethering us to the ground beneath our feet and a rope that is anchoring us from above. The rope that is anchoring us from above allows us to move in many directions and at multiple speeds whilst the anchor to the ground roots us in place. We require to have both momentum and movement in order to align with wider creation in TRUTH.

For those who are now ready to move into this way of living and being the tools are being provided.  The Releasing Eden website is updated regularly with various support in order to further increase momentum.  It is our choice as to whether we wish to gain in momentum or whether we remain tethered to a false picture and remain static in a decaying reality.  One is TRUTH and one will be opposed fully and there is no servitude in attempting to live outside of TRUTH.

The pendulum that is now gaining in momentum is there to pull us out of the deep, dark and very dense frequency bandwidths of the old earth construct/matrix itself. A bit like an airplane requires momentum with which to take off, building up speed as it moves down the runway we too require the same momentum. This is now building and can be felt to various levels within our human physical vehicle.

At this time we are asked to willingly let go and to allow wider creation in TRUTH to determine the baggage if any that we are permitted to take on to said flight.  Baggage can be seen in numerous ways by the human logical mind, the initial reference point being that baggage is something that is not required and that has to be removed. But we are asked to gather our tools and to board the plane that is now boarding spiritually. This requires "baggage" to be taken aboard.  That which is permitted to enter wider creation in TRUTH will be waived through but that which is prohibited will be opposed.

Work done spiritually at this time is to determine which is which and to move into the full understanding of how the tools of the old earth construct/matrix often work against wider creation in TRUTH. We would not board a plane with a known contaminant attempting to bring destruction to our place of destination and the same applies spiritually at this time.

TRUTH JUST IS and no matter what we believe, what we have experienced and indeed what we even think it remains.  It is TRUTH that is required to board this plane, it is TRUTH that is the boarding pass and is stamped with approval of our Creator YHWY, anything that contravenes this will be challenged until purity of frequency is satisfied.

Air traffic control is spiritual, it is the space where we do not physically walk but in which we walk eternally and it is guarded heavily.  Those who attempt to alter this space in an attempt to somehow stow away will be challenged and fully opposed. This TRUTH will be rejected by many within humanity but will be understood fully by those currently going through this deep cleansing and removal. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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