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Breaking the circle of fear in TRUTH

In this our human physical form we are subject to intense internal pressure. From the moment we are born into physical human form and the moment we take our first breath we are expected to be someone and said someone is not our own creation.  We are taught from a young age that which is expected of us and somewhere in the myriad of conflicting messages we find a shelter. It is within this shelter that we strive to remain, somewhere we can feel that we are not being attacked, judged or reprimanded. The shelter will move as people move in an out of life experience but the circle of people will all have the same frequency as we emit, thus the circle of fear is born.

The circle of fear remains hidden within humanity, it is the circle of protection that is anything but. It is the circles that we create within our human life experience that we use to validate who we are based on the shelter that we created when we were younger and just forming views of the world. This shelter is fully built by the time we reach the age of 2 years old and can separate ourselves from our immediate caregivers. The circle can widen to the point where we do not see the edges or it can shrink to become very small and suffocating.  Both extremes are viewed by humanity are mental illness and yet the circles are there for ALL within humanity.

In order to move fully within the expansion in TRUTH process we have to set sail from the harbor in which we are anchored. We can be anchored at the edge of the circle of the middle, it matters not, what matters is how we deal with that which arises as we approach the edges of the circle of fear.  For the circle of fear is protected by all members of said circle.  When we approach the edges of the circle of fear we may hear from long distant relatives we have not heard from, or we "bump into" long lost friends or find ourselves reminiscing about past events in our life experience. This is the hidden frequency field that seeks to keep us within said circle and to prevent our movement beyond it.

These circles are policed by those who hold the same or similar frequency in relation to emotional distress, also referenced as fear. They will reflect similar patterns in relation to how certain areas of the human life experience have been lived. So when we approach the edge of the circle of fear that which we hold most fear in relation to will be activated.  In the case of physical passing of a loved one it will be family relatives that appear triggering the loss over and over at a silent hidden level and this will be felt within our being as the sadness that we will take steps to address by attempting to bypass it.

Grief is the greatest trigger of all in this circle and is one used by darkness because grief is not accepted within humanity. Of all the aspects of the human life experience the death of the human physical vehicle is the most feared and most misunderstood part of the human life experience. The greater the emotional distress still held on to the more sting this part of the expansion process may have within it and the more opposition from those within the circle of fear. They do not police this circle deliberately, they will be unconsciously aware of this, they do this because they fear and the fear is rung out like a silent call and this silent call is answered by darkness because it can feed from it.

We may have sailed thru various life experience and events in our human life experience but there will be one or two where we have suffered the most trauma. The one thing that grief exaggerates within the human physical form that we have taken is responsibility with many within humanity falsely taking on the responsibility of emotions that are simply not theirs.  "I should have done more", "i should have said X", "I should have gotten there sooner" are all examples of this false responsibility.

We are human, we are not perfect and the guilt, shame and anger that death especially in connection to sudden or traumatic death ignites is like glue.  Our lives may appear to sail on, we may appear to continue to live but that shattered piece of glass is embedded deeply and Lucifer has trained humanity well in keeping the shattered piece of glass in place, "lest we forget".  How does keeping the pain tightly bound inside of our heart space help anyone? How do we heal when we refuse to acknowledge our own pain? the answer is that we cannot. We go into death with those we have lost and we do not come back out again.

This is not TRUTH and is being addressed at this time thru the illumination very clearly of the circles of fear that have held us in place. To choose healing is a choice that many ignore, that many think and believe that they simply cannot make and yet standing in the circle of fear will get more and more painful as it is not TRUTH and is not supported in the expansion in TRUTH process.

To sail beyond the confines of the old earth construct/matrix we have to let go of the hidden circles and allow them to heal, we cannot hold on tightly and heal, we have to let the wound breathe and in breathing allowing healing to begin in TRUTH.  The fear of this process is always greater than the actual process unfolding, it is the fear of the unknown for humanity has been conditioned to reject and run from but the very process that can expand it and heal it.

At this time we are held tightly by our Creator YHWY who will close down all avenues to evade the process as this is also not TRUTH, we are not being punished, far from it. It is being revealed to us just how much self punishment we have inflicted upon ourselves, how much trauma we have taken false responsibility for and how fragmented we have allowed ourselves to become.  As we allow the healing to begin the circle will begin to dissolve and we will be able to breathe for the first time since we endured said trauma, to many within the expansion in TRUTH process this will be a welcome relief after holding their breath sometimes for decades if not longer.

It is within this dissolving of the circle of fear that we are then able to take a breath, like a new born child, after moving from one reality into another. From womb to life itself, it is within this process that we are born afresh and in being so given life in TRUTH. TRUTH JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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