WE ARE in a process that is unlike any other and we are being birthed anew at various levels

of our Being. It is vital that at this time we surrender fully to the process because we will be

asked to multi task in ways that may trigger us. It is entirely possible to hold a high frequency

and connect and link into Wider Creation in TRUTH whilst doing our everyday human life

experience tasks. WE ARE given the experience of this in order to help us and to push us

past the boundaries that have become MOLD covered.

This MOLD hides the boundaries that are put in place thru the conditioning that we undergo in this our human physical form. I remember when I first began my training in vibrational medicine and the High Council of ORION had stepped forward to speak with me. I sat down to type up their words and felt this enormous pressure around me, like a room full of people all trying to talk to me at once and I asked them to slow it down. Whilst they stepped back somewhat this pressure was kept up until I just let go. I cannot describe the ease in which it just then flowed. It was my human logical mind that tried to hold them in a sort of line, logic and reason told me that I could not converse and hold a conversation unless it was in some sort of control.

We will be given experience of this intense pressure in order to move us beyond the

PERCEIVED limits of our human logical mind. It is simply mind over matter often and the

human logical mind has been in the driving seat far too long. WE ARE experiencing this in the wider waking world at this time. With the “pandemic” and the resulting “stay at home” many are now finding that mentally it is a challenge to even attempt to go about their day as they would perhaps have say 6 months ago. It is the human logical mind which is driving the

boundary which says step back remain safe.

This occurs at all levels of the human life experience itself covering all aspects of the human

life experience and as this is non TRUTH we are now moved beyond these points. It may be

challenging to step forward but experience is our friend and the more that we allow the

experience the more understanding we can reach. Understanding always sits beyond the

boundary of the human logical mind.

Where we have permitted intense MOLD to begin to build we will be given the experience of a major deep clean. This deals with the spores that have begun to move and to grow around the actual site of the main MOLD. We may feel irritated. Spiritual mold like mold in the outer waking life experience triggers an auto immune response to things. We will find

ourselves feeling very uncomfortable in certain areas of our life and we must allow the mold

to be found then deep cleaned. As we cannot physically just leave our human physical

vehicle whilst the cleaning takes place we may be placed in an environment which is helpful

to us. So these colds that appear out of nowhere, or an intense tiredness that sees you relax

in bed for a few hours where normally you would have been out and about are there to HELP

YOU. Again the human logical mind may go into overdrive. Internal accusations are part of

the MOLD process and are dealt with during the deep clean. WE ARE asked to challenge

that inner voice that is trying to persuade us that we are somehow lazy for relaxing or selfish

for taking time out to rest. This inner voice is non TRUTH and although can be very loud,

sometimes deafening, it is attached to the mold, remove the mold and the voice dissolves.

WE ARE protected at all moments of all moments but we do not always appreciate this,

where we find deep opposition we are asked to go within and to have a dialogue with Wider

Creation in TRUTH, we are not asked to simply put up with the non clarity, ask the questions

but also be prepared for answers that you do not feel comfortable with. Remember we are not reducing Wider Creation in TRUTH into our human physical vehicle, we are expanding

beyond our human physical vehicle THRU said vehicle. This sees us surrender that which

may have been part and parcel of our perceived identity within the Old Earth Matrix, it is not

possible to surrender something that is TRUTH so we are always in a win/win situation no

matter what our human logical mind tries to tell us to the contrary.



(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved.

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