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Breaking the Seals to walk in TRUTH

It is often when we can see no apparent way forward that the walls dissolve and we step out into a new way of living and being.  The seals that we place internally on the outer waking life experience have sat unbroken since they were created and now is the time that many within humanity and within the expansion in TRUTH process will not only find said seals but will have them opened.  It is important to note that we do not do this process alone, we are never alone in TRUTH, what perpetuates our assumption that we are alone is the conditioning that we are subject to within the old earth construct/matrix itself.

From the moment that we are born into this human physical form we are plunged into a reality which seeks to teach us to strive, to do and to keep busy at the expense of understanding the role that we are placed within in this our human physical form. Many within the expansion in TRUTH process at this time are now beginning to see the need to let go fully of all that they have been taught in order to reach all that they can now understand and feel.  We are not here to simply "make up the numbers" nor are we here to somehow struggle, age and die albeit that this is the experience that the old earth construct/matrix seeks to validate and to enforce.

The seals of wider creation in TRUTH are there to prevent access to that which lies beyond said old earth construct/matrix and we must cleanse and clear fully before we are then led to said seals. These are the seals that allow for massive transformation and the breaking of these seals is done at a spiritual level. All that is manifest in the physical waking plane begins on the spiritual plane.  That which is not birthing on the physical plane is bound in the spiritual and therefore cannot birth.  This is hidden to the vast majority of humanity but is very clearly revealed and worked with within the expansion in TRUTH process.

At this time there are various personal and wider humanity seals that are now being ripped open. This allows for vast frequency increases which work akin to a storm with a clear strong force that removes the emotional debris that has allowed for stagnation to occur within the human life experience itself. For many at this time the wonder of this is being understood and the reasons for the seals themselves will be illuminated. We cannot move into a wider creation holding on to the tendrils of a dying world, we would simply seed the new fresh field with the death and decay of the old earth construct/matrix and this is not supported as it is not TRUTH.

For those who have eyes to see at this time the new is seeding, there are subtle shifts in energy patterns and opportunities. Now with the breaking of the seals this is increased as the frequency of wider creation in TRUTH now begins to remove that which has tried to persuade humanity that it will not let go and that they are somehow stuck with it. Nothing is further from TRUTH.

At this time there will be various shifts in perception, in context and in understanding within humanity as a whole. This will allow for the movement that is required in order to step off a path of self destruction, decay and death and on to a new adventure in TRUTH. The challenge of course being to walk said path and to avoid the temptation of trying to adjust said path to the comfort the old earth construct/matrix has sought to provide.  Comfort in death and decay is barely even registered when all around make no attempts to challenge it.  The do as I do mentality that has held humanity in chains will now dissolve with an out pouring of fresh frequency which allows for the full culling of all that no longer serves.

We are asked to remain in full surrender as this process unfolds for we are not waiting we are moving, we are not being silent we are speaking, but such is the shift in perception and context that it may look other than it is until we can allow the understanding that sits within our heart space to reach our human logical mind and believe. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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