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Breaking the Shell of Lies to reach TRUTH

In this our human physical form we seek to find "comfort" and "shelter" because we are conditioned heavily that somehow we are under attack and that said attack can harm us. In order to manipulate and control there must be a seed planted which is watered by fear, ALL FEAR is not of our Creator YHWY, ALL FEAR is the weapon of the enemy. That which seeks to have us allow the planting and the continual watering of the seed of fear is that which is hidden to us at a conscious waking mind level.

ALL humanity are conditioned to ignore that which presents itself beyond logic, if it is not logical and supported by at least a small portion of humanity then the human logical mind will ignore it. It does this in the blink of an eye.  For those who are attempting to open some "third eye" the question is why when both eyes that we can see through at this time are liars to us?  the heart is not found between our eyes in our foreheads, our heart is found deep within our chest cavity.

The human logical mind is a master jailor, it will convince us that we feel this way or that way or even that the world is out to get us.  This is not TRUTH, the outer waking reality is a manifestation of that which is held within us. The outer waking reality SUPPORTS THAT WHICH IS INTERNAL.  Therefore it is akin to a background which is static until we align with something vibrationally and then it springs to life. Prior to the moment of alignment of vibration is it two dimensional and simply scenery.

To help explain this further lets us look at a video game where the player appears to be moving across the screen, it is not the player who is moving it is the background that moves and our human naked eyes PERCEIVE this movement other than it is namely that the background is being moved beyond and that the player moves.

This is our waking reality around us, we cannot avoid anything other than change the vibration which is emitted INTERNALLY and is experienced EXTERNALLY.  Within the old earth creation the bandwidth produces a variety of various frequencies that sit within a bandwidth. It is not about changing frequency so much as destroying and moving past a bandwidth.  To remain in a bandwidth gives the optical illusion of movement which the human naked eyes accept instantly and which the human logical mind also accepts.

At this time the GREAT DOOR OF TIME is now being approached. This is the EXIT point for the cyclical nature of the human life experience.  Ever wondered why fashion comes and goes in 20 year cycles? EVERYTHING within the human life experience is cyclical until is it no longer. For those who are attempting to enter the GREAT DOOR OF TIME there has to be a VIBRATIONAL Resonance with the bandwidth that sits beyond said door. If there is no resonance there is no going through the door, its this simple.

Many will deny this due to the deep illusion presented that hides the cyclical nature of the bandwidth that humanity work within.  There are no levels of dimensions within the old earth that lead to the new earth, this is a false teaching in order that many will accept the cycles as something to be harnessed.

The outer veils are being removed and many will be struggling with time and relativity due to the removal of said veils.  Many will be experiencing very dramatic symptoms of tiredness, lethargy, extreme tension and so on. This can also be experienced as the opposite which is simply a variation on the theme.  Being extra sensitive, extra alert, not being able to switch off. Unfortunately there are a myriad of false teachings that seek to have humanity accept this is part of the process, it is a reflection of the process but not something to be held on to and remained within.  We would not celebrate breaking a leg and yet many within humanity celebrate these symptoms as something like a badge of honor.  This is a dangerous false teaching and is keeping many dis-empowered which is the precise point of the false teaching.

Rising cyclically is still going round in circles, it is moving up and down within a construct believing that the construct is somehow being affected.  Its like having a hurricane in a massive building where the sides of the building are out with the scope of the hurricane, it does nothing except CONTAIN AND SUPPRESS ENERGY.

In order to move beyond the cycles we require to break down the barriers that are SELF constructed in order to move beyond, to walk past scenery that does not spring to life we required to DESTROY THE VIBRATIONAL FREQUENCY that sits within us internally.

Prophecy states:

And I saw a new heaven and a new earth: for the first heaven and the first earth were passed away; and there was no more sea

Revelation 21:1 (KJV)

It does not state that humanity created a new version of the human life experience because humanity do not have creation rights. WHAT THEY DO HAVE IS THE RIGHT TO TRUTH AND TO LIVE TRUTH FREE FROM CONSTRAINT.

In order to live TRUTH we have to be aligned with the bandwidth that TRUTH resonates and this has been denied to us forever.  It is the lower dimensional frequencies we have been CONDITIONED to accept that chain.  It is the BELIEF systems that hold ALL in place until they are destroyed.  We do not create therefore we are, we rise from within in order to take our places with wider Creation in TRUTH.  WIDER CREATION IN TRUTH ALREADY EXISTS, we have been simply been denied our place within it and this is what is being addressed at this time. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST LOVE IS THE ANSWER, NO MATTER THE QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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