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Breaking thru the cocoon in TRUTH

The butterfly has long been used as a symbol for transformation but what we do not realize is just how much transformation takes places in order that a butterfly can be BORN. The stage that the caterpillar goes thru is not seen by the naked human eye, the complete breaking down of all that was in place in order that a butterfly can then emerge from the cocoon and then fly. The perception of course that we have is bound by the reference points that we have from the outer waking reality around us and as this is a self validating dimensional space we will find a lot that is in place is irrelevant.

For most within humanity at this time just attempting to get through a linear day is more than they can cope with, the upsurge in drug, alcohol and media use is a manifestation of the disconnectedness and the separation that has always lived within humanity, we are in the stage of reveal that sees the veils that have hidden this from us removed.

For many attempting to place the blindfold back on is a process that is fully underway. Why would anyone want to wake up to the nightmare that humanity are contained within in this dimensional space? the question itself is irrelevant when placed in the context of TRUTH because we have to wake up in order to even move. If not we will be sleep walking and sleep walking is not conducive to exiting the old earth construct/matrix itself. We do not awaken to then rouse the person next to us and then the next if we have not found balance and a foundation from which to stand upon ourselves. This is akin to drowning in a body of water and pulling those around us under the water as they attempt to pull us under. In order to help at any level we have to exit the body of water and then help from the solidity of the shore.

We are now given the opportunity to exit the body of water and to stand on solid ground. What we require to "give up" in order to reach this is all that we believe we are. For many within humanity this is too big an ask but if we have woken why would we half wake? TRUTH JUST IS and for those who have demanded to live only TRUTH then the demand is met with TRUTH. We do not get to decide what TRUTH we can accept and that which we cannot. TRUTH JUST IS, battling against it does not change it but it will keep us in a holding pattern that is particularly uncomfortable.

A prisoner in a jail cell must first of all know that they are within a jail cell and then be able to see the locked door to their cell. If they are oblivious to the cell itself then they will not require to take action that sees them exit. It is all very well knowing you are in jail and quite another to then release self from the jail cell for the keys are WITHIN US. They may have lain dormant and locked away but we did not enter this human physical form without an exit route, it was merely hidden to us and it is hidden in plain view.

For the vast majority of humanity the search for freedom is an external one and this is not TRUTH, we require to reach freedom by going within, then we can walk in the world and not be of it because we do not resonate with it, it has NO EFFECT on us whatsoever, from this we can then enter the cocoon. The cocoon IS NOT THE PLACE WHERE WE GAIN NO EFFECT, it is the place that we enter when we have exited the old earth construct/matrix frequency range.

Only then can we be broken down and remade in TRUTH because only at the point of freedom do we reach understanding of that which held us in place. Only at the point of freedom do we even gain a glimpse of the vast picture and touch upon the understanding that we require to reach in order to enter said cocoon.

At this time we are now asked to begin the journey to the shoreline where we will be met by TRUTH and then enter the metamorphosis that sees us no longer crawl and be EARTH BOUND but fly freely, soaring on the wings that we are gifted during the process. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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