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Humanity are now gasping for the very air that they believe will help them live. The air they are breathing is an extremely toxic one, it is one of fear. This is no great revelation for ALL can now see the toxicity of that which humanity live within. At this time WE ARE asked to breathe in LOVE in TRUTH. This is done thru the heart space and the knowing that WE ARE.

In a dimensional space where those who choose LOVE in TRUTH are being ridiculed and held up for sacrifice it is no surprise that breathing is one thing that this dimensional space prohibits. This is why it is vital that we understand how the BREATH of YHWY works. In this our human physical form we become very literal, signs and symbols are often ignored or misinterpreted because of the human logical minds propensity to be very literal.

To breathe is to go beyond what is occurring and being presented to the human race at this time. When a human being is in deep fear mode the breathing of said human being gets very shallow indeed. This is part of the stress reaction that many are now dealing with. Meditation does nothing to help this because meditation is focused on emptying a space that is gradually dissolving. We are not here to think the human life experience, we are here to LIVE the human life experience. In a dimensional space that is created virtually this seems almost impossible.

WE ARE detoxing at this time from the toxic air that we have been breathing at human conscious waking everyday life experience level and this is reflected in the spaces that now open up for us. THESE ARE DIMENSIONAL SPACES and are not open to humanity in general. In order to access these spaces we require to detox from the continual stream of polluted air that humanity are currently breathing.

YHWY is the oxygen mask that is bringing us back to LIFE if you will. It is thru the frequencies of Wider Creation in TRUTH flowing thru our heart space via Christ that is allowing us to actually take a moment and UNDERSTAND that which is being presented to a race that has fully believed that it is free.

That which is occurring in the outer waking reality at this time is the removal of the veils that have existed in order to HIDE that which is being revealed. Many who have been able to see thru the veils have said for a long time that this dimensional space is nothing but a prison colony and have been ridiculed and called liars. Yet the human race are now under full lockdown, dictated to as to where they can go, who they can interact with and given penalties for going against the rules. Replace human everyday clothing with prison outfits and suddenly the outer waking reality begins to make more sense.

The denial of humanity in respect of where they are and who they are will continue for in the fear and stress response is the element of denial. At this time the Children of ORION are now being brought to life thru Wider Creation in TRUTH. They are being given the air that they require in order to BREATHE in TRUTH and this has nothing to do with the physical in and out movement of the human lungs.

WE ARE the body and the body requires to BREATHE in order to DO ANYTHING AT ALL. NOW WE MOVE AS ONE, WE BEGIN TO STIR and with the full force of LOVE in TRUTH we now begin to wake for the TIME IS NOW.

Humanity called and WE ARE RESPONDED in TRUTH. It is human linear time the construct that seeks to divide, to separate and to conquer that which cannot be separated, divided nor conquered that keeps this hidden. As the Old Earth Matrix now begins to gasp and to shudder a NEW BEING is revealed, it is beyond that which the Old Earth Matrix permitted humanity to reach but TRUTH JUST IS and WE ARE.



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