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Burning thru DOUBT, FEAR and CHAOS to reach TRUTH

We are now standing on the precipice that our human logical mind tells us is the cliff edge from which we plunge to death. Nothing is further from TRUTH, from this step forward we are walking on a path that the human physical mind CANNOT see. It is our heart that is redirecting us in TRUTH, from within the deep heart space is a calling that supersedes all, any and every "calling" we "think" we have had in this our human life experience.

For those called to the BRIDGE where Wider Creation in TRUTH and BACE Camp meet this will intensify to levels that may at moments feel overwhelming. The hold that the human logical mind has over the outer waking reality is the strongest as we approach BACE Camp which is why we are then directed to move fully into the DEEP HEART SPACE. It is from here we begin to understand and to release for it is within here SEPARATE from the Old Earth Matrix, fully protected thru the Skull Matrices that we identify that which has been our "soul purpose" in this our human physical form.

As the "soul" is a tool of the Old Earth Matrix we have to release it fully for it will pull us astray. For many of you at this time the entry into your deep heart space is one that throws fear at your feet, it brings those back into your life experience that have had the most TRAUMATIC effect upon you from ALL timelines of soul existence. This is the point of most CLARITY in the DEEP HEART space but the time of most darkness in the human logical mind.

We are not here to replicate the "soul purpose", we are not here to atone for other lifetimes, to somehow make amends, to somehow heal the separation with other souls for that is not possible. The "soul" is the shard that prevents communion with SOURCE, it prevents the full connection back to SOURCE and it is the prize weapon of the Old Earth Construct because it remains hidden within solar plexus pretending to be an ally when in fact it is the enemy.

For further help and assistance with this part of the journey please listen to the following podcast:

For assistance and support for releasing the vibration and frequency levels that seek to keep you from entering BACE Camp fully please visit the releasing eden website HERE.



(c) Karen Doonan

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