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Many are now aware that the outer waking reality is now shifting in ways that can no longer be ignored by humanity in general. It has always been the purpose of Karen Doonan to provide guidance, information and support via her work, first of all thru TRUTH Codes and now thru Releasing Eden.

Updates have been done to the main Releasing Eden website to further clarify the position of ALL at this time.  The ORIGINAL TRUTH Codes - Chronicles from ORION book is available from the website and covers all aspects of the human life experience. This book was the foundation of the TRUTH Codes work brought thru Karen and is a building block for the NEW EARTH REALITY.  It can be purchased directly thru the main Releasing Eden Website.

There is now a call to all E.T's, all Starseeds, all Angelics and all Travelers who are aligned with our Creator YHWY in Wider Creation in TRUTH.  As with all things within the old earth construct/matrix there has been interference and not all who claim to be of LIGHT are actually of LIGHT.

To those who now heed the call re-calibration is necessary to LOCK OUT the frequencies of the old earth construct/matrix in preparation for phase two of the ascension/expansion in TRUTH process which involves those prepared crossing the YGGDRASIL Bridge to wider Creation in TRUTH.

It is vital that we ALL work together for the TIME IS NOW and those who are called will now answer. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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