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Catching breath in the vacuum of death in TRUTH

When we enter the expansion in TRUTH process (often falsely referenced as the ascension process) we enter a process whereby we begin to unbind that which has tied us to the old earth construct/matrix at a spiritual level.  We then move thru the process and move to that which has bound us physically to the old earth construct/matrix and which has sat at DNA/RNA level, in layman's terms this is the inheritance cycles that have bound to family curses, patterns and strongholds.

It is important that we remain surrendered IN Christ during this process for our protection is under His Blood. There are spaces that we are denied access to unless we are fully covered by the Blood of Christ.  Lucifer has created a very strong illusion around darkness and bondage and simply sitting in a church with a bible is akin to sitting outside a burning house with a bucket of water, it does very little. The key in all of this is our surrender IN Christ.  We are not to simply follow him, why would we for example walk down a street when it rains holding an umbrella, the true shelter is had when the umbrella is opened and above our heads preventing the rain from soaking us.

The construct of religion (both new age and more traditional) seeks to have the seeker carrying the tools but never using them in TRUTH.  This works to keep the frustration levels within our human physical form at the levels required to maintain the blinkers that are needed by darkness over us.  Where we are blind we will find the most frustration, how can we see when we are blinded by that which we are attempting to see. This mind bending puzzle IS DELIBERATE because it seeks to have us invoke the use of our human logical mind. The human logical mind is the main tool of darkness because it polarizes and uses logic and reason as its foundation.

NOTHING in the spiritual realm is logical nor reasonable, nothing at the foundation levels of the old earth construct/matrix is logical nor reasonable, IT JUST IS and this blindfold is one that humanity struggle with daily. The more chaos that appears and is accepted as such that humanity encounter the more the need to tame it and to place it in some sort of order. This actually creates and manifests the chaos that was presented as the illusion to begin with.  ALL JUST IS, it has a natural order that sits beyond human logic and reasoning and it is this weapon that is used against us repeatedly.

The need to do, to solve, to get ahead are all illusions because there is nothing to solve, there is no way to get ahead of ourselves, all of this is born from the very disturbing levels of frustration that are  now building within humanity. Where we feel out of our perceived comfort zones is where the fight begins and many are now feeling very defeated indeed.

In order to take back that which we are manipulated into handing over we have to stand still and take a breath. For many within humanity this seems impossible, how on earth can one stand still when there is so much to do or worse if we stand still somehow everything will catch up with us and we will be run over. ALL is a mindscape created by the human logical mind to prevent us from delving deeper and removing the illusion itself.

The mind will feed upon itself and before long will begin to manifest symptoms that are simply clues to the anxiety root itself. It is imperative that we stop when we are told to stop and take a breath when we are guided to do so. This allows for a fresh perspective and a validation that when we do stop for breath the entire world does not fall upon our heads. Only the physical experience of this will validate this to us. It is in the interest of our human logical mind to PREVENT THIS FROM HAPPENING.

When we feel overwhelmed we have the choice as to whether to remain in the situation or to disengage and disengaging is done thru prayer. It is done thru the very simple prayer that states that we are of Christ and being of Christ darkness must stand back. This gives us leeway that allows for breath.  We are stronger and much more powerful IN Christ that we can first of all accept and the leap of faith that we are asked to take is to trust our heart space over everything and and everyone else. Those around us not surrendered IN Christ (there is a huge distinction between being IN Him and merely surrendered TO Him) will enforce the human logic and reason that they run their life upon and as they are not us they have not the same perspective as us. They are false anchors on a sea of doubt.

At this time we are being prepared for movement beyond the physical human life experience that is sold to humanity and the time for breathing and to adjust the lenses that we have viewed from is NOW.  This allows for us to be re-aligned and for Christ to make the minute adjustments necessary to keep us on track and in alignment fully with TRUTH. To those around us not within this process it will look like we have given up, nothing is further from TRUTH. on a journey of a thousand miles we do not walk each one of those thousand miles without resting and recovering as we walk and move.

This is a time of deep understanding that can only ever be reached thru the space for breath that Christ now holds us within.  As the world runs about like headless chickens we are now able to understand why and to understand that in order to run around we had to fear the very ground we walk upon, once this is dissolved there is no need to run anywhere because the ground we walk upon is TRUTH and is as solid as it requires to be as we now take the next step that leads out of the chicken coup and into the world beyond. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in TRUTH LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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