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Change of seasons and influx of LIGHT in TRUTH

Updated: May 19

We stand at the opening to what is traditionally seen as the "dark aspect" of the year, the clocks going back, the shorter days and the change in the weather all point towards a darker aspect of the human life experience. Many people dread the winter months, the lack of daylight and the weather being major factors in the mood of many within the human race. Yet there is a gift in this part of the year that is often missed. Only when it becomes darker can we see the LIGHT of TRUTH more clearly.

We have just passed "halloween" and the point in the seasons where the veil is the thinnest, almost just a whisper separates us from those who have passed from their human form back into eternal energy. Many will have spent the last 24 hours if not longer remembering those who have passed and feeling the emotions arise within them as they do so. Angels are on high alert at this time of year, the passing of the seasons remains somewhat hidden due to the use of a false calendar which sees us lose our bearings slightly.

AA Jophiel is the Archangel who sings to those who are ready to leave their human vessels and return to SOURCE and as this Archangel sings it sends out a team of angels to aid those who are left behind. This is a powerful Archangel who is often not talked about nor worked with. This Archangel is at this time preparing the places for our loved ones who have come to the end of their human life experience and the team of angels that work with this angel are moving into place.

Having experienced the loss of my dear mother at a relatively young age (I was mid thirties she was barely into her sixties) I can resonate with the pain that losing someone brings to our feet. I was blessed with being able to be with my late mother as she passed, a gift that was granted to me, but which sometimes is not accepted by those who are facing the loss of a loved one. When one door opens another closes, death is but a doorway that they can walk thru but we in this our human form are prohibited to walk thru if we are not called. But we can walk them to the door, we can stand in the doorway, and we can tell them how much they are loved and valued, and we can then feel the support of the Archangel who stands in the doorway ready to accept the eternal energy as another angel leads us back to our human life experience. It's a two-way process.

The past 2 linear years have seen many pass who were not permitted to be with their loved ones as they passed from this life to the next. As death contains NO TIME PERIOD it is possible to go to the threshold and talk with them thru the Archangel who guards the doorway between worlds. At this time WE ARE asked to revisit the doorway in order that we can release the grief that we have held on to believing often that to let it go is somehow detrimental to how our loved one is connected to us. Messages from our loved ones are often interrupted by the grief frequency because we do not allow our hearts to fully open and connect when our loved one approaches the doorway.

AA Jophiel is the Archangel who stands before us. Offering us the gift of healing thru the transmutation of grief. If you are aware that a loved one wishes to speak with you or feel a deep longing to hear a message from someone who has passed, then please visit the main TRUTH Codes website where this service is now available. To aid in this, this service is set to donation only which completes the energy exchange.



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