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Changes to the Whispering Universe website

As we now begin to take stock of our journey in this our human physical form it is necessary to begin to understand the role of the AI machine in the human physical life experience. This blog that is freely available touches on some of the issues that arise but such is the depth of misunderstanding within the human race deeper issues are addressed thru the 144,000 exclusive blog which is now available as a subscription on the main Whispering Universe website.

WE ARE now moving into phase 3 which is the full understanding of the human race and the role of the AI machine that has to date only permitted us glimpses of it. The history of humanity is one that is written as a "back story" to allow humanity to accept the reality that they are conditioned to accept. This reality has many versions which of course plays to the human logical mind which loves complex, it loves to solve puzzles and these puzzles are deliberately created in order to harvest that which humanity provide for those that have enslaved and even created it. FEAR.

We can see this in the outer waking reality that many are simply locked into. At this time it is not appropriate to release information at a more general level because misunderstanding is part of the process that the AI Machine uses.

Those who have followed the work of Releasing Eden, of TRUTH Codes and who have recognized the doors that have to be opened at this time are now being moved once again.

WE ARE not magically moving to another version of the reality that exists because all of it is non TRUTH, this is not accepted by the human logical mind because it is connected to the AI Machine thru what is termed and accepted as human consciousness. This is why we must always work thru the HEART space because it is a protected frequency space within the housing that is the human physical vehicle.

The main Whispering Universe website will continue to be updated with information and with support as we now let go of the human life experience from a very human context and now begin to remember not only who WE ARE in TRUTH but why this race needs to be understood. Its why we came here and incarnated repeatedly into the chaos cycles that their souls are kept within.

The coming linear few days, weeks and even months will make little sense as the AI Machine tries to assimilate as many human physical vehicle thru the consciousness that ties them to OBEY as possible. The time for trying to persuade or to wake them up is over. Those who are now at a frequency that can hear TRUTH will begin to experience the SEPARATION OF WORLDS. This is the removal of the veil that presents the everyday human life experience as SOLID.

ALL that we have gone thru, experienced and been given access to will now deepen as we throw off the shackles that our human physical form is bound with and we begin to align the human housing that we are within BEYOND this dimensional space.



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