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Changing course on a sea of deceit in TRUTH

It is challenging at times to understand exactly that which is asked of us as the outer waking reality begins to detach itself from that which is happening internally. Many would in this instance try to balance themselves with the outer waking reality, after all this is where we physically reside but this is a dense optical illusion that is presented to humanity. We are navigating using TRUTH from this point in our journey and are no longer using the navigation points that humanity in general are using. This is akin to sitting next to a car that is using an out dated navigation device whilst you have the latest issue. There are those in the outer waking reality at this time and they will appear as close to us as they can manage that are attempting to enforce the OLD navigation points.

Those who are trapped within the human logical mind and who fully accept the false teaching of "human consciousness" are the most obvious examples at this time. The human logical mind has NO IDEA where we are heading because it is tied to the Old Earth Matrix itself. This sees a sort of war begin between those who can see TRUTH and understand the journey being targeted by those who are defaulting to the human logical mind which says that "x" has worked for the last 2 decades therefore it will continue to work. Nothing is further from TRUTH, the navigation points will be dissolved and we are seeing this as some of humanity are beginning to show signs of mental distress.

This mental distress is not a by product of that which is occurring at a world level, that which is occurring at a world level is attempting to disguise it and it will continue to do this as long as it possibly can. WE ARE now shifting in our navigation and we are now beginning to download and understand the co ordinates that are used by Wider Creation in TRUTH. We have to be very careful indeed at this time because the optical illusions presented to humanity are dense. The more logic and reason provided thru a teaching will simply trigger the acceptance BECAUSE it appears to be logical.

Human consciousness is poison, it has kept humanity in a stagnant frequency for millennia and yet many run with it, attempting to expand this. Why would you permit a stagnant pool of water to expand? why would you attempt to use the human logical mind when the heart is open, ready and waiting to reveal TRUTH?

For many it is the ASSUMPTION that the movement into the heart space involves deep emotional distress and this is put forward by the human logical mind which goes into overdrive attempting to stop the focus remaining in the human logical mind. WE do not go into the heart space with lead boots on, we do not go in with a sledgehammer and simply mine information, anyone who works like this is not in TRUTH. We tread gently and we remove the frequency bandwidths using symbolic references in order that the heart begins to heal. The mind will have us believe that somehow we open a door and whoosh a hurricane is released.

For too long the spiritual community has sought to hide its own fear of TRUTH thru using a language that means nothing and using tools that are at best deceptive. WE ARE not here to fall to this blasphemy. WE ARE here in service to Wider Creation in TRUTH and as such we walk in TRUTH. Where we find deceit WE simply wrap it in TRUTH and it begins to reveal itself because TRUTH does not lie, it does not require to hide behind flowery self serving language that in TRUTH means nothing, it simply confuses those who are trapped within the cult of spirituality.

WE now move to navigate deeper into the heart space and we work now to release the deceit that others around us have placed at our feet for the SOUL purpose of stalling the journey for humanity in general. It is seen and therefore noted the deceit within those who have permitted non TRUTH to invade their human physical vehicle and who are in service to the I AM.

WE ARE now asked to put down the tools that the Old Earth Matrix gave us, there are akin to using a self service till point in a store. They fool us into believing that we have some sort of control over something that is not going to continue to exist. FEAR is the turning point because many within humanity would rather allow the "devil they know" to remain that turf him out on to the street because he has convinced them that if he leaves it will be worse.



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