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Changing lanes in TRUTH

For many at this time you may be feeling the BREAKS being applied. As we are now moving and shifting gear and lanes it is necessary to slow down in order to make sure that we do not miss the TURN OFF. As we work with ORION and within the deep heart space we are able to understand the SYMBOLS that are now being revealed to us and to work with them in TRUTH.

The veils that have seen many blinded as they drive at speed down the major highways are being removed, this allows us to see beyond the horizon and take action appropriately. We would not in the physical plane attempt to change lanes at high speed not looking around us to see what may potentially hit our car but many do attempt this. This is akin to spiritual suicide. In a dimensional space that keeps humanity on the go in an attempt to hide the pain and trauma it endures from itself this is a triggering time for many.

The "BUSTLE" of xmas is the garment that simply constricts and we cannot remove said garment if we are trying to walk whilst removing it. We would simply trip over and fall and potentially hurt ourselves further. For many within humanity the very idea that stillness is an act of movement is absurd. Many will now play out the trauma routines by keeping themselves on the invisible hamster wheel, moving in the belief that if they keep moving the pain that they are running from will never catch them. Like a wounded animal with blood pouring from a wound they are tracked by darkness, the tracking is of course very simple as the trail leads straight to them.

As we now move lanes we may find our route changes significantly, that lovely sea view may now be replaced with mountains or it may be replaced with dessert landscapes, it is not the scenery that is important, IT IS THE ROUTE TAKEN. If we fall to the illusion that taking in the view is the entire point of the journey then we may as well just go and sit in the corner. The view is not the KEY, the ROOT is.

At this time we are asked to refuel our vehicle, we do this thru the heart space, and we do this using OPTIMUM fuel for our vehicle. This is often not what we believe it is and we are opposed when we try to fuel using the latest offers, it is not quantity of fuel but QUALITY of fuel that we require for this journey.

Once we have safety checked our vehicle and packed for our journey we take a deep breath and START THE ENGINE, without starting the engine and putting the vehicle into GEAR we go nowhere. WE need only take the first few steps as this road is MAGNETIC and we will find that our vehicle will cling to the road leaving no slippage.



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