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Changing vehicles does not alter the driver in TRUTH

When we are incarnate into a physical human form we are locked into a false reality. The reality around us seeks to persuade us that we are the human form that we have incarnated into and seeks to have us focus on the linear time-frame into which the old earth construct/matrix uses to hide itself.

We are spirit incarnated into human flesh and bone, therefore we are not "just" the human vehicle that we have incarnated into, our spirit is eternal, the flesh and bones that we incarnate into is finite.  So much emphasis is placed on the finite that we tend to bury the eternal and push it to the edges of this our human life experience. We may experience much deja vu, we may experience flashes of other lifetimes in our dream-time when we have disconnected from the human form we have incarnated into but we are conditioned heavily to reference dreams as "processing the day we have lived".  Many are now able to step past the boundaries of this heavy conditioning and are understanding that the dream-time is vastly more than we have been permitted to understand.

Our spirit at this time is dissolving all timelines and dimensional existence that is not TRUTH in order to increase the frequency that we resonate in THIS life time.  Our human logical mind cannot help us in this process for the human logical mind came with the human physical vehicle that we incarnated into. The human mind is the GATEKEEPER that we must now walk past in order to allow this dissolving, cleansing and clearing of other timelines.  If we allow the human logical mind to persuade us that they are somehow less "real" than the one that we currently live within then we are in rebellion and are choosing logic and reason over TRUTH.

The dissolving, cleansing and clearing is necessary to remove the bindings that are placed within the old earth construct/matrix and which HUMANITY ARE BOUND TO within the human physical form they have incarnated into.  Many who work spiritually and who are able to reach the spiritual plane have only permitted themselves to work on one level of existence and this is now being expanded.  We had human souls that had incarnated into human physical vehicles. The SOUL is also finite, the soul and the Spirit are two separate frequencies and it is only our Spirit which is eternal for our Spirit is from our Creator YHWY. The soul is connected to the old earth construct/matrix itself and is in place in order to help humanity become comfortable with the old earth construct/matrix.  The soul works to keep the Spirit at bay and a soul and a Spirit cannot inhabit the same human physical vehicle, it is the soul that runs the "I AM" false teachings that are prevalent within the new age community. The soul is the black box of all dimensional timelines that we have ever experienced.

It is the RESIDUE from this black box that the Spirit is now addressing and it does this by unbinding us at spiritual level from that which the SOUL HAD A CONTRACT WITH.  Many are conversant with the phrase "SOUL CONTRACT" but remain blind to what one actually is. These are BINDINGS that seeks to prevent movement from that which has been agreed but the agreement was made under duress and is not TRUTH.  Selling ones soul has been done over various lifetimes, the human physical vehicle of course being finite dies by the CONTRACT REMAINS AND IS PASSED FROM GENERATION TO GENERATION.

These generational contracts are now paid in full under the BLOOD OF CHRIST which absolves us from the contract itself. It is the full release of the binding and can only be achieved in full surrender IN Christ.  We do not have full memory of our ancestral heritage for it is kept hidden from us by the bindings. The sins of the father do indeed visit the son and as this is not TRUTH is now being dissolved. For those within the expansion in TRUTH process this may bring up some disturbing scenarios but we must remain in full surrender IN Christ and accept our Salvation in TRUTH.

We are not that which is reflected back to us in the mirror, we are vastly more, it is the human form which demands focus and attention and in doing so hides TRUTH.

At this time we are moving into the spaces beyond which we have ever moved before and this is only possible by enforcing our Victory in Christ for He is the only one ever to have walked there before. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan For further in depth information around the SOUL, CONTRACTS and SPIRIT please visit the main Releasing Eden website.

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