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Chaos in TRUTH

We are heavily conditioned in this our human physical form to keep things in a certain "order".  This begins the moment that we are born where we are kept within a routine that works for those around us.  This routine is laid down at an unconscious foundation level and is one that we rely upon as we age and grow within the dimensional space that is the old earth construct/matrix.  We will unconsciously adhere to various foundation routines especially where we feel that we are under threat or at the mercy of what is perceived as "chaos".

ALL JUST IS and has its own natural order, humanity have simply been conditioned to impose their unnatural order upon this and have been conditioned to fear the breaking thru of the perceived "chaos".   Birds in nature do not enforce their will over their surroundings, animals (except domesticated animals) do not do this either and as the old earth construct/matrix begins to break down the leaking thru of "chaos" will begin to increase.  This triggers all who are not aware of the old earth construct/matrix or who are in denial of it.  This sees a flight or react reaction begin to take hold and one that will seek to enforce the adherence to these unconscious routines and rituals.

We may have accepted that breakfast comes before lunch but this does not make such a thing TRUTH, just as morning does not necessarily come before afternoon but it is the human logical mind which seeks to have us hold on to these concepts and they are concepts.  Without reference to a man made interpretation such as a clock many would be completely lost. The human physical vehicle itself is designed to be in certain rhythms and technology is interrupting these natural cycles.

We have artificial lights, we have routines upon routines that work as DISTRACTIONS to our human physical form and the more that we try to align with said distractions the more out of sync we will feel with that which is around us.  At this time those within the expansion in TRUTH process are being un-anchored from these routines and this may be experienced  as a sort of "detachment" where we can see those around us but cannot align with them.  THIS IS NECESSARY because whilst we are anchored in the routines and the rote and ritual of a dying construct we are vulnerable.

We are being aligned and anchored to wider creation in TRUTH.  This allows for vast movement because wider creation in TRUTH is FLUID, the stasis that humanity are bound to within in the old earth construct/matrix is not TRUTH, it is a bending of wider creation frequencies and a false construct.   It has sought to prevent our evolution and in doing so has caused damage to the human physical vehicle itself. It is this damage that is being addressed thru our surrender IN Christ and which we can feel.

It is not in our interests to fall to the perceptions of those around us for we are not them. It is a choice as to whether to go down with the ship or choose life and many are choosing to go down with the ship believing that there is no choice. It is our choices each and every moment that determine that which we experience, we are not at the mercy of anything or anyone else unless we hand ourselves over to them. This handing over is placing the responsibility for our human life experience at the feet of those around us.

Like children in the playground cries of "its him/her, I didn't do anything" are that which keeps us in the chains and bindings of darkness.  Of course we did things that we regret, of course we endured pain and loss because that is what this dimensional space DEMANDS AND CREATES.   The way out is within for it is only connecting with our deep heart space that we can even begin the journey out of the darkness and into the LIGHT OF TRUTH.

Time is a linear construct designed to hide that which enslaves humanity, designed to have us hang up our coats on the hook of despair and to settle for that which is around us believing that somehow we have no choice. THERE IS ALWAYS CHOICE is matters not if can be physically seen or not.

At this time the anchors of all who have chosen to leave the dimensional space that is called the old earth construct/matrix are being untied and loosened. It is entirely possible for us to re-anchor them due to the perceived anxiety of those around us. But we must remember those around us not surrendered IN Christ default to darkness.  It is either or, for spiritually there is no fence to sit upon and we all stand in front of our Creator YHWY in judgement whether we believe in Him nor not whilst in this our human physical form.

TRUTH does not rely on belief, it stands tall and it remains when all else has been exhausted, many are fighting to tear TRUTH down and replace it with their version of it which is more comfortable and more manageable, this uses up extraordinary amounts of energy that lead to physical burn out and spiritual decay.  It is a work out that many believe strengthens them, it only leaves them open to more and more manipulation by the rebels who lure them in to this way of existing, the greatest rebel of them all of course is FREE WILL,  it is a perception, for whilst we may be free to choose and use our will the options have been reduced, is it really free will when that which will actually be free will in TRUTH has been removed? ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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