• Karen Doonan

Cleansing and Clearing of the MATRIX in TRUTH

Greetings beloved ones we are the Skull Collective and we come to guide and to support as the human physical vehicle is now moved further along in the ascension to full evolution process. For many of at this time the intense and vivid "dreaming" is allowing for the dissolving of the MATRIX that has anchored your human physical vehicle tightly within the Old Earth Matrix. As full ascension to evolution now approaches on the horizon it is paramount that you permit the cleansing process to continue.

Cellular regeneration takes place upon the sleeping mode that the human physical vehicle enters into and it is in this "space" that we make adjustments in order that upon "waking" the veils used to blind your human physical vehicle are removed. As these are removed then the outer waking life experience at an everyday human level is adjusted. For many of you at this time the intense tiredness that you may feel to deep levels is this conditioning and MATRIX moving out of your DNA/RNA.

We work with ALL at this time to make the journey from the Old Earth Matrices as smooth as possible however it is up to the individual human physical vehicle to be worked with. We ask for you to adhere to the sleep patterns that your human physical vehicle wishes to interact with, the nutrition cycles that will now unfold and the movement cycles that will now begin to establish themselves.

YOU have never been in a position where you have authority over the cellular structure of your human physical vehicle, this has been denied within the Old Earth Matrix and this is that which is being returned to your SPIRIT in TRUTH, as such there will be various issues that arise within and will be addressed fully thru surrender to SPIRIT in TRUTH.

We are the Skull Collective and we support YOU thru ALL at this time and beyond.

(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved