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Cleansing of the human heart in TRUTH

We are all born into a world that is other than it is.  Our heart space is already functioning before we are even formed fully as a human physical vehicle within the womb of our mother.  EVERYTHING that is experienced as we are formed around said heart space long before we are given a human soul and before we are birthed into a human physical form.

The human heart has a very distinct and SEPARATE frequency than the rest of the human physical vehicle, our human hearts resonate at a different bandwidth and frequency and this is hidden by the human soul which takes over upon birth and begins to guide and to disguise itself fully.

Our path and our evolution begins in our heart space and is prevented from expansion by our human logical mind which searches for knowledge. Knowledge is the power of the human soul to confuse, to distract and to break our human heart space.  This is not TRUTH and is not supported on any level of creation and yet it is the physical experience that all of humanity undertake due to the intense conditioning that seeks to persuade us that we have no other option in this our human life experience within this construct.

It is LOVE in TRUTH that seeks to get our attention, it is the little voice within us that says NO to all that is not love and yet is often dulled by our human logical mind which seeks the reference points for love and adds 1 to 1 and only gets 2.  We cannot understand LOVE in TRUTH through our human logical mind.  When asked why do we love? if we can come up with a list of what appears to be valid REASONS for it to be love then we are actually in denial of that which is being presented.

For example domestic violence is not LOVE it is CONTROL and yet it is disguised in such ways that those who have ever experienced it begin to believe that LOVE does not exist. Many who have experienced domestic violence (myself included) begin to approach ALL other relationships from a very logical viewpoint, seeking to prove that this time it is different whilst not understanding that closing down the heart space means it will be a variation on a theme.  Closing down the heart space is the enemy to LOVE because it states that somehow we can do without it. WE CANNOT.

My own path to healing I have repeatedly shared in my books, blogs and website, sharing the personal experience of moving from a closed state to an open and responsive state where my own outer waking life experience has transformed beyond anything I would have believed prior to the experience.  I once was at a place so dark that the way out seemed to be to leave this human physical form, fully believing the lies that were my daily life experience.   IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE THIS WAY.

Always I have kept expanding beyond where I believed and always God has supported this expansion. It is at the times where I fell to the belief that there was nothing beyond where I was that God said KEEP GOING.  I have broken down beliefs and barriers that had remained hidden to me and I could only do this through being given the physical experience of that which transpires as we OPEN OUR HEARTS FURTHER.

The outer waking reality is an illusion because it presents variations of what is perceived by humanity as LOVE and which all seek to control, to manipulate and to separate using the reference point of human love.  LOVE in TRUTH IS BEYOND THIS.

For those who are at the dark place that I have sat I ask you to seek help and to accept that the dark WILL RECEDE when the LIGHT is shone upon it. We are never alone, we are simply conditioned to believe that we are. LOVE is always the answer no matter the question because our very existence is based upon LOVE in TRUTH.

There is a LIGHT at the end of the corridor that keeps flickering, it is this LIGHT that calls to us and it is deep within our heart space. To fix the outer we have to allow the LIGHT to enter INTERNALLY, to open our hearts sees us let the pain out. Often we are then confused by said pain and fall to the belief that because we hurt we will always hurt, a dam has to burst to let the water out, the heart has to open to let the pain out. The pain is transitional and if keep our hearts open then the pain will lessen because LOVE BEGINS TO DISSOLVE THE PAIN. It is when we panic and then try to close it down again that we suffer the most pain.

In a world that is now blacker than coal we must now understand that we cannot use our human eyes nor our human logical mind to find that which we believe we have lost, it is inside of us, it is why we were born and why our human heart came into existence before the rest of us physical.


We need to stop seeking it in the external because if it is not found INTERNALLY within us, if we do not recognize LOVE in TRUTH at an internal level we will be distracted, separated and endure much pain in the external because it is a reflection of all that we have denied internally.

God did not hide love in the external reality in which humanity live because He knew that it could be hidden.  He placed it in our hearts so that it would be kept safe and when the time came it could be let out of our hearts and transform the external. THIS is what Lucifer seeks to prevent and he does so within the illusion presented. Lucifer cannot stop LOVE in TRUTH because it is hidden in the hearts of those who are now opening to TRUTH.



1 + 1 = 3


At this time the deep cleansing of the heart space of humanity is now underway.  We are asked to ignore the outpouring and to stand still in order to understand the journey that we now undertake for ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in TRUTH. LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER THE QUESTION. (c) Karen Doonan

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