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Clearing of the LENS in TRUTH

We are subject to much intense and continued conditioning in respect of that which our human naked eyes actually see. The focal point for much of the human life experience has moved away from other humans and on to that which seeks to have us hand over our humanity without a thought.  The more that we interact with other human beings the more that we RETAIN our humanity and yet many (including those who would state they are awakened) are shunning this in favor of the hidden conditioning that is taking  root at this time in respect of how we INTERACT.

When we are surrendered in TRUTH and we are able to remain steady on the ROCK of TRUTH we are solid, we can walk in the world but not be of it. We can interact with those around us and in doing so we spread a LIGHT that we cannot physically see with our human naked eyes but which can be felt through the heart space in TRUTH.  It never ceases to amaze me how many people claim to be resonating at a higher frequency and then submit a judgement over others by claiming that they simply maintain their frequency by distancing themselves from other frequencies.  How does this change anything other than establish a frequency prison from which they cast their judgment but refuse to move?

Frequency resonates with frequency with a HIGHER frequency always superceding  a lower one.  This manifests in the human waking everyday life as a frequency that will bow to another one.  So let us take an example, say for example you were walking into a store, you felt that a low frequency was in said store and you noted that the people who worked in that store seemed to be also a lower frequency.  You radiate at a frequency that is much higher so when you enter the store and begin to interact with those within the store you are pushing their frequency beyond where they have become stuck.  They are stuck because frequency that resonates with frequency begins to stagnate, always we require to move to a higher and higher state until we hit the note of TRUTH which never stagnates because TRUTH itself always moves, it is a pulse that continues and never stops.

Where we find pockets of stagnant energy around us we are asked to move said energy through our interaction with it.  It CANNOT affect our frequency unless we are only assuming we are the frequency that we are. If it is a mind perception and it is merely that we somehow have more knowledge that the person next to us THIS DOES NOT AFFECT FREQUENCY.   So many are falling to the false teachings that seek to have us sit in judgment and point the finger at those who are "asleep".   This is especially prevalent in those who have amassed knowledge over a linear time period. It is NOT KNOWLEDGE that moves us into the new earth it is our HEART SPACE and LOVE IN TRUTH.

LOVE in TRUTH is a verb, it is motion. It is smiling at the person next in line at the grocery store, it is smiling at the person walking past in the street etc. The instant reaction of many people is fear, "I cannot do that, people will think i am mad", "people are so hostile" etc etc. THATS EXACTLY WHAT THE MATRIX WANTS YOU TO THINK because then it can control the interactions of humanity.  Everyone has their own worries, their own concerns but everyone is also feeling the stress of the self imposed isolation that the current wave of conditioning seeks to embed and to strengthen.

Our humanity makes us social, we are created to be social and there are endless ways to be social in the waking everyday human life experience.  It is our responsibility to maintain and to build upon our social interaction because it is under threat at this time.  Amazing outcomes happen from a single smile or a "nice day". Conversations turn into social gatherings and more, all from one simple action.

Many complain about the younger generations and the state of the world today but we are all part of said world. It is our frequency that alters this, it can maintain the conditioned response and in doing so simply surrender our own humanity or we can use it to change things. Change does not require to be big,  a single stone can build a bridge, it is the starting point, if the stone is not put in place then nothing is built. IT IS A CHOICE that we are presented with at this time. Do we stand silently seething at how terrible the world is or do we open our hearts and understand that the world around us, the human beings around us ARE IN PAIN, have experienced TRAUMA and have closed down due to this.  It takes a drop of water to begin to heal, a drop of water to bring  a plant back from the edge of death, a drop of water to begin to melt the hard shell that humanity are placing around themselves as a form of protection.

At this time we are asked to BE THE CHANGE that we wish to see in the world and this involves very little indeed. We do not require to solve world hunger or somehow change an entire culture, this will come as we interact because TRUTH JUST IS and where and when it flows it brings change, but it has to be permitted to flow and it flows from the heart space only because only the heart KNOWS TRUTH for only the heart is connected to wider creation in TRUTH. LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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