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Clearing the Frequency of Separation in TRUTH

We are never so blind than when we are faced with the shards that have permitted us to remain within the separation and division of the Old Earth Matrix itself. It is not TRUTH to remain within the distortion that this frequency emits and yet we will attempt to work round it rather than release it. Why would we do this? because we have never walked beyond it. The Old Earth Matrix IS separation and division which is in contrast to Wider Creation in TRUTH which is wholeness. We do not become whole by simply finding a broken piece and aligning with it. This is the torture that many are steeped within at this time because this plays to our human logical mind.

If we try to address only the fragments we are still lost and still within a frequency that seeks to hide itself. If we have a mirror and it smashes, we can pick up all the little shards and glue them back together but the mirror is not whole as there is still a void between the little shards that we have found. The only way to wholeness is thru the heart space and allowing the LOVE that IS to dissolve the voids between the shards. Anything less than this is simply playing the game once more.

It is always staggering how much illusion will wrap itself around the very piece that we require in order to hand back. We can never underestimate the power of our human logical mind to simply ignore that which is repeatedly place at our feet. If something does not shift, if something repeats and remains stagnant then it is not TRUTH, it is a lie wrapped in a frequency that permits it to remain.

As we now gather ourselves in preparation for the next unfolding at an everyday waking physical level we must now allow TRUTH to be revealed to new levels. We are now out of the building and walking across the courtyard but we are not in freedom until we have crossed it. (more info in the podcasts and website). The Old Earth Matrix will send the sentinels that it uses, many are aware of "agent smith" in the Matrix films and again there is much illusion. The real "agent smith" will not look like something dark, it will take the form of someone who sits across the dinner table, or of someone who appears to have our best interests at heart, all the while working to keep us in the catch 22 that is the signature frequency that this entity emits.

Look twice, once with the eyes and again with the heart, that which is not TRUTH CANNOT PASS TO WIDER CREATION in TRUTH and neither can we if we have been hijacked by a sentinel.



(c) Karen Doonan, all rights reserved.

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