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Clearing the vision of humanity in TRUTH

As we begin to move closer to that which has sought to keep us in chains, binding us to false pictures, false outcomes and seeks to blind us to TRUTH we become clearer.  We do not do this by altering our belief system, we do this by challenging that which we are experiencing and asking for the veil to be removed.

This is done through a series of experiences that reveal that which we are actually interacting with.  For many who are at the very initial stage of the expansion process this may see a lot of fear begin to arise, after all once we move into our early twenties and beyond we become "comfortable" and in doing so begin to defend that which we feel comfortable with.  Contrary to popular belief the devil does not appear with horns and a forked tail, he will comfortably sit at your table looking the picture of innocence whilst gently influencing every decision you make.  This is denied by many within humanity who fall to the reference points given by the media.  Not for nothing does the film media go to such extreme lengths to present darkness in its various ugly forms. In doing so it hides them in plain view, whilst you are looking for the dark you can sit in what appears to be sun but is only sun due to the altering of the picture presented. The devil can appear to be the sun when you are in the dark because we have no outer reference points for just how dark dark actually is.

At this time we are asked to let go of all reference points and allow the washing clean of our internal eye sight.  It is our emotional landscape that determines whether we find the day to be warm, sunny, bright or long, boring and endless. It is not an external weather report we should rely upon but an internal one and these weather reports are now changing rapidly.  One person may skip through an afternoon whilst the other appears to be chained to the same position on the clock on the wall, BOTH can and do exist at the same time, this is hidden behind a very dense veil that is now being lifted. Human life experience is personal and is very individual the "mass" presentation is being dissolved because it is not TRUTH and yet many will attempt to hold on tightly and attempt to validate their experience by dismissing those around them.

We are asked at this time to let go of that which is revealed behind the veil that is lifted. We are not powerless, our strength lies in our surrender IN Christ and it is the Blood of Christ that severs all, any and every binding that darkness has attempted to use.  We require no special rote, ritual or belief, we do not require to attend a physical church indeed for many within humanity the devil is in the pulpit but is hidden behind a flash smile and soothing words. There is POWER in the Word of YHWY but it has to be used through surrender IN Christ, it is useless if we climb up on to the Cross with Christ and yet this is what many will go to extreme lengths to do.Luke 23:34 (KJV) Then said Jesus, Father, forgive them; for they know not what they do. And they parted his raiment, and cast lots

We are now approaching the separation of worlds and as we walk out of one and stand on the threshold of the other we are asked to forgive them for indeed they do not know what they do.  We are not here as part of a huge mass exodus for that is not TRUTH, many who inhabit human physical form have no souls, this is part of prophecy and is hidden to humanity until it is revealed.  To accept there are 7 billion human beings living a human life experience on planet earth is to hand our soul to Lucifer and in doing so abdicate all, any and every choice that is our birthright to make and to have.

We came here to reveal TRUTH, to live TRUTH, to experience TRUTH and in doing so face the wrath of those who wish to keep the darkness in place and to keep the harvest active.  It is in our VICTORY of Christ crucified that we now take our places and stand in TRUTH for TRUTH JUST IS and WE ARE. LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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