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Coding for the next level of expansion in TRUTH

We are now approaching the entry point of the EXIT route that many are attempting to reach without full surrender IN Christ.  It is at this point that the entry is either accepted or denied and it is purely down to frequency and nothing else.

In order to replicate that which has sought to control humanity darkness is attempting to unleash a very low level frequency that seeks to destroy the connection between the human heart space and the human logical mind. This will manifest as various symptoms that humanity can easily write off as biological. (It is at some level because it has a manifestation point which comes thru the physical realm).

To this end the following coding is now released which will work to alleviate many of the symptoms and to block the frequency from doing any long term dissonance: PURPLE VIOLET ORANGE MAGENTA 333 444 CHRIST VIOLET RAY


22 33 99



For those who seek to work to higher levels the door will be opening at a frequency level above that which we currently run on. To reach this level we have to expand beyond our permitted wavelengths and the skulls have stepped forward to aid in this bridge.

THE BRIDGE is the walkway that appears beneath us that holds us above.


LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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