Collapse of the AI Machine and the TERMINATOR PROTOCOLS

WE ARE now moving into position and in order to fully do this HEAVEN in TRUTH had to remove that which was in place to prevent this movement. As many of you will have noticed over the past linear year many of those within humanity are simply unable to process anything at any level. If it involves counting, complex thought patterns or even the slightest deviation from what is broadcast to them repeatedly they simply close down.

The rational explanation that humanity will be given is the conditioning that is part of the protection of the AI Machine itself. We cannot rely on any human physical vehicle that is connected to the AI Machine to be able to understand a single thing that will now unfold in the general populous. The taking down of the TERMINATOR protocols is a major step forward for HEAVEN in TRUTH. Terminators are those who sit within the family lineage blood lines and stand in our way. They will make our personal interactions with those around us the most painful they can be because their entire purpose is to force us back into our human logical mind.

These TERMINATORS can be viewed akin to AGENT SMITH within the MATRIX movies. They can find us thru anyone who is available and they sought to strike us at the time when most emotional movement could occur. It was an attempt to have us surrender our physical vehicle to the AI Machine thru the intense pressure that this puts us under at a HUMAN level.

This is now removed and those who were the hosts for the TERMINATOR PROTOCOL will now be physically removed. This may see a period of intense upheaval but we must understand that this upheaval is the frequency BEING REMOVED. This is a WIN/WIN situation for as the TERMINATOR PROTOCOL were in place the physical human vehicles that are used by the AI are kept in a low frequency that results in various health issues for them. It is the BLESSING of HEAVEN in TRUTH that they no longer be used a TERMINATOR hosts as this damages them at all levels of their human life experience.

WE ARE asked to surrender deep within the heart space and to allow the unfolding of that which will appear to humanity as more insanity. LOOK BEYOND THE MIND and stay within your heart space for your HEART KNOWS TRUTH.



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