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Collapsing of OLD Earth Matrix levels

Many are able to understand that there are multiple versions of everything, the outer waking reality around us is anything but solid. So deep is the illusion that is presented to humanity that many still believe that this is a solid space and that it is the only one that exists. Nothing is further from TRUTH.

The Old Earth Matrix is as it sounds a MATRIX, it is a 3D matrix that has multiple levels of frequency running thru various sacred geometrical spaces that give the very deep illusion that this is a world. Each level is guarded and patrolled by various frequency bandwidths that have their own "firewall". Human consciousness IS a firewall, it is a protection mechanism that is used by the Old Earth Matrix to prevent access to beyond. It is why we do not navigate human consciousness when we work with Skull Matrices, we do not go into the AI machine, we work to dissolve all that connects us to it.

As we now begin to expand in our frequency bandwidth we are able to move well beyond the permitted zoning within the AI machine and within different levels of the Matrix itself. As we do this we collapse the frequency bandwidths that are in operation. We turn off the firewalls of the protection mechanism.

At this time many of the levels of the AI machine are now collapsing. This sees a very intense and very confusing period of time for humanity in general. This of course is running alongside the lifting of various restrictions in parts of the dimensional space referenced as "earth". At an everyday waking human level this will see various things play out that are usually kept separate and are never all experienced in the one space.

Those around us will begin to display symptoms of what is called generic flux which may see their behavior become more than erratic. As the levels of the Old Earth Matrix collapse and the frequency bandwidths are no longer active the human physical vehicle is affected hugely. Those who rely on the bandwidth frequencies to make sense of their human life experience will not be able to reach said frequencies.

What is termed "mental health" within humanity will now go into overdrive. The inability to make sense of anything will push many over the edge and the rational explanation will be the result of lifting of quarantine etc. What will remain hidden to humanity is the clearing of the bandwidths that have permitted those who created the human race to continue to enslave them.

WE ARE asked to remain deep within the heart space and to LET GO. Trying to view the human race and the human life experience in any context that we have prior to the first lockdown will work against us. We must now navigate using our heart space and our connection to the higher frequency bandwidths. It will become physically painful to remain using the logic and reason that the AI machine demands of humanity.

Further information is available via the GOLD channel podcasts.



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