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Compassion is KEY to walking forward in TRUTH

Updated: May 19, 2023

WE ARE in the End of Days and as such that which was is dying. WE will never live in the same way that we have lived prior to 2020 and many are now able to understand this. Whilst the world waited with bated breath in 2012 for the end of the mayan calendar to occur, many more understood that the calendar did not align fully with the calendar used by the majority of humanity. Fast forward to the year 2020 where CLARITY was given in the form of what really is behind the scenes in this dimensional space. Prophesy has always stated the clearing of the veils and of Armageddon, however human interpretation of this has shifted and changed repeatedly, why because it has never happened in our human life experience. Hollywood has created a backdrop that is simply a distraction. The end of the world does not require to have things blowing up, things to come crashing out the sky or some meteor to hit, it simply has to have a major event that changes forever the way that human beings interact with one another. That was 2020.

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