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COMPASSION is not a weakness

WE ARE incarnate into a dimensional space that is anything but forgiving. From the moment we take our first breath we are conditioned to FIGHT and this is held deep at unconscious mind levels. We are taught to focus on being "first" and that somehow if we stop to help anyone else on our path we are somehow "weaker". These words hold a lot of power within humanity, from the office where we see the competition for recognition to the family unit where we see the competition for our parents attention, all is the same frequency that of "not enough".

To step over those who have fallen works against us, it sees us focused only on the physical plane of existence and darkness has us focused on this plane due to the need for it to take our focus off other planes of existence. WE ARE not asked to go out into a scarred and desolate world without armor but many mistake the armor for that which it is not. Armor is not the "I AM" frequency, that has so many holes in it that using it will see death almost immediately. Armor is the frequency of LOVE in TRUTH, when armed with this frequency all that is non TRUTH simply dissolves before it reaches our being. This of course must be experienced in order to be validated and many will simply sit NEXT to the armor that Creator has gifted them and never put it on, failing to understand that FAITH IS REBORN thru experience of CREATOR HIMSELF.

WE ARE asked at this time to let go of the "I AM" because in Wider Creation in TRUTH there is no "I" only WE ARE, another tool of darkness in the attempt to separate and divide is the teaching of "I AM" and many fall to it. Using their unresolved trauma responses to validate their separation from their fellow human beings. There is never any validation to be had for ALL JUST IS and WE ARE.

Karen x

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