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Completion of Revelation and the reseeding of humanity in TRUTH

It is relatively easy to assume that the war that has raged since the beginning of the creation of this version of humanity will never end. The media machine that is darkness loves to project the image that humanity are enslaved, downtrodden and forgotten. NOTHING is further from TRUTH.

At this time we are about to witness the completion of the book of Revelation and the reseeding of humanity in TRUTH. This is brought about by the win by LIGHT which was won when Christ went to the Cross. The struggle since then has been to accept who He is and who we are in TRUTH. Darkness will tell you that Christ is a human male who was crucified and attempt to have you remain at the Cross. What is often hidden to humanity is WHY Christ went into Death.

Death is the moat around the fort where humanity are enslaved. It is a ring of frequency that prevents anything leaving this dimensional space. This has seen darkness invent re-incarnation and have an entire race believe that incarnation into the separation, division, pain and suffering is some sort of "school" that must be navigated.

Now the veils lift fully, without seeing the separation, the trauma and those who are tools of darkness clearly we may miss step and accidentally fall to the lies. At this time LIGHT is now permeating to all levels of the physical plane and there are more levels than are accepted. As the LIGHT begins to shine those within humanity who are ready to move into a new frequency will STIR. Those who have shouted the loudest will now be SILENCED for TRUTH stands and will STAND FIRM.

It is a time of vast movement, a time of celebration that is out with what is presented to the human race at this time. Darkness has had its turn to reveal itself, now it is HEAVEN in TRUTH's turn to shine brightly and in doing so wipe out darkness at all levels. We were never promised an easy journey but what we have that darkness does not is the frequency of TRUTH which comes from Wider Creation in TRUTH, it does not begin or start in this dimensional space.

In laymans terms the window is now fully open allowing clean, FRESH air into a stuffy, decaying room. We are asked to allow the WINDS of CHANGE to lift us as we now enter the seeding of the NEW in TRUTH.



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