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Containment to EXPANSION the road to AWE

WE ARE asked at this time to remain in the deep heart space and await further instructions. This may seem a simple statement but for so many at this time the need to remain in fight or flight mode is high. Survival mode is the frequency that "rules" in this dimensional space, it may appear to be a human life experience but the survival mechanisms in place are taught from the moment we enter a physical form. So deep are these teachings that even love itself is seen as something that can be harnessed despite everything.

As we now move frequency bandwidths we will naturally let go of all that no longer resonates, for many this is a challenge due to the way that the brain connects things internally. It sees a want and replaces the word with a "need" and so a sort of addiction process begins with a need to get what is interpreted as a "need" but is really a "want".

All that is TRUTH FLOWS and requires no distilling, no bottling and certainly no keeping, it FLOWS like a river flows. If we try to dam a river then it is no longer a river, it becomes a BODY of water only. We can view the human race as the dammed river that was that will be again if the barriers between humans are dissolved. This would allow for a free flow of something that eludes humanity for it is packaged other than it is in TRUTH.

The choices that are being made at this time we made pre incarnation, they sit deep within the soul blueprint of those who are still bound to a soul contract. These are the ones who are now appearing to live in a different way, bound to the AI as part of the contract is the merging of the human life experience with survival mode only. These are the humans who appear to live as if they are asleep but walking. The frequency bandwidths that they are tied to do do not allow for waking and this was chosen PRE incarnation.

Many will reject this so deep is the false teaching in relation to choice, how can a choice be a choice if it is tied to a bandwidth of frequencies? well it cannot be, only by rising above the frequency bandwidths used by darkness can we understand that we may have options but choices elude us.

This is a pivotal time in the process and one that is guided by HEAVEN in TRUTH, we are walking blindfold thru a forest with a guide above us. This is a test of our FAITH and one that will reveal ALL to us if we permit it.



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