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Context is the lens of confusion in TRUTH

It is challenging at this time in the history of the old earth construct/matrix to identify that which is being presented to us.  Such is the distortion that is now in operation in relation to the actual context of the information that is being presented that we can get lost in the actual picture itself.  Context relies on a viewpoint that matches that which is being presented. Out of context gives a different picture and all context is dependent upon the person viewing.

The rise of social media and interactive services that the human race are conditioned to participate in hides the information storage that said services are in TRUTH.  If someone was to come to our workplace or our homes and try to extract the sheer amount of personal data that these social media interactive platforms harvest then alarm bells would be triggered. Imagine for a moment someone with a clip board and a pen asking very detailed personal information and refusing to tell you why they are asking.

Now imagine doing an online "fun" survey that appears to be other than it is. Imagine a survey that is done online which seeks to tell you what your personality traits are.  Sounds fun huh?   How many people give the online survey a second thought beyond filling in a few bored minutes in their day?  the real answer is hardly any.

The outer waking reality is presented based on the information gathered online and then fed back to the human race. It is being fed upon by its own fears. How does the matrix know what puts fear into humanity?  many would say that it is because of X or Y but hardly any would say it is because humanity actively tells the matrix what its greatest fears are.

We live in a world that is completely out of context with that which we began to live within when humans first appeared within the old earth construct/matrix.  It has sought to build a picture of the greatest harvest and in doing so has hidden the tools that the harvester uses.   It is now considered by at least two generations that interaction with social media is part and parcel of the human life experience itself. It is a relatively new concept in living this way, think about it, only the past two generations or so have been pulled into social media. Go back even a few decades and there was none.

Nowadays there is no privacy whatsoever, unless you are having conversations in the countryside face to face with another human being there is no privacy.  In the UK there is no freedom of speech, with the constant bombardment of do this and do that being presented.  Those who seek to live the way that we did prior to social media are pilloried for being "out of touch".  Everyday life experience is shared on social media to ridiculous levels, prepared a new meal and want to share it with your friends?  prior to social media this would have involved interaction at human level with friends invited round, social chatter and perhaps a good bottle of wine, now it is a picture uploaded and commented upon facebook or snapchat.   The human interaction wiped out thru the availability of instant and the availability of the illusion of connection.   In the first example where the friends were actually physically invited round to consume the meal then there would be a limited amount, it appears volume is now a context that is used.  It would not be possible to share the meal with 5000 friends and yet the illusion of this is presented to at least two generations who link sharing a photo with said friends as human interaction.

All information gathered and stored is used against humanity.  "I have nothing to hide" yells at least two generations, this is not the point, the point is having the option of privacy and this being respected. The context that privacy is even held within changes with the age of the person and this is getting younger each and every moment.

Where many parents simply cannot see the road that they are not only travelling with their offspring but who is actually controlling the journey it is a reflection of this journey that is being mirrored in the outer waking life experience.  "young people don't listen", well how can they hear when the context and tools they use to "hear" are completely different from the adults around them?   Many would say that in order to reach said younger generations we have to use the tools that they do but that is further blurring the context.  HUMAN INTERACTION is HUMAN SOCIALIZATION, being able to use a smartphone is not socialization, it is merely indoctrination and we are being blinded to this by the context into which we place said conditioning.

At this time we are asked to remain on the ROCK and to allow the distortion to reveal itself. To disconnect from the very intense frequency that seeks to push us back off the ROCK and fall to the very distorted picture that somehow we are alone in a vast ocean with no one else with us.  The "them" and "us" picture that is presented daily to the human race and which triggers the need to be part of something is nothing more than shattered shards all placed next to one another. INDIVIDUAL SHARDS that have no connection in real terms at all.  Something that is glossed over by the human logical mind which is now being trained that volume and quantity matter.

We are social creatures, we are DESIGNED for personal interaction and the destruction of said social interactions is being done by us under the guise of it no longer being required. NOTHING can replace a chat over a cup of tea in person with another living breathing person. NOTHING can replace the hug that is given from one human being to another in order to physically show emotion but at least two if not more generations have been given the picture that it can be and have run with it.

It is up to us each individually to reclaim our humanity thru going back to our roots and clearing them. To stand still in TRUTH and to allow the illusion of "them" to be revealed in TRUTH for darkness does not work as a team, it is an individual assault on individuals giving the false picture of unity.  As can be seen in many areas of the human life experience at this time there is no joining up, there is no continuity for the old earth construct/matrix is flawed by design. It cannot give, it can only ever take for it was designed to harvest and harvesting is all that it is capable of.

Unlike human beings who are designed to give but have been conditioned that this is somehow wrong.  It is our giving of our time, our love, our commitment, our compassion and our need to love and be loved that is our STRENGTH. Something a construct can never achieve because it is not TRUTH.

At least two generations have been part of a huge experiment by the old earth construct/matrix in relation to dividing to the point of no return. What happens when you place human beings in a CELL with no communication apart from a screen and no access to interaction at the levels they were designed for? the answer is staring us in the face but many simply cannot see it because they are still staring at the screen wondering why. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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