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"Cot"arizing the WOUND in TRUTH

WE ARE asked at this time to understand the power of FIRE in TRUTH and to work with it. It can be painful to understand that the energy of HEAVEN in TRUTH includes the FIRE that only the Holy Ghost can bring and it can be even more painful to realize that in order to HEAL a wound it has to be cautherized. This is due to the depth of the layers of said wound and that which would be released if FIRE was not used in the process.

We have been taught repeatedly in this our human physical form to SACRIFICE and as this is non TRUTH it is not supported. The different forms of sacrifice are woven into the human life experience to such depth that often we are stunned when it is revealed to us what we have been doing believing that we have been doing something entirely different.

At this time all sacrifice is being cleansed and santized with FIRE in TRUTH and this is in all and every part of the human life experience. Where we are standing in front of an open wound we are asked to step to one side whilst HEAVEN in TRUTH clears our path with FIRE. Often we will refuse to move believing that the sacrifice has to remain because we have been conditioned to act this way. This is a form of stockholm syndrome that many are displaying at this time in respect of the lifting of the various "rules" that have been imposed world wide.

There is no logic nor reason in TRUTH, it stands firm because it is TRUTH. WE ARE now asked to remain in full surrender to the FIRE which is CLEARING and CLEANSING. Sacrifice is non TRUTH and is not part of the unfolding of the New Earth no matter what our human logical mind will try to enforce upon us.



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