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CREATION in TRUTH - return of that which is denied to humanity

We are asked at this time to allow the depth of changes to be absorbed, we are entering a phase of ZERO TIME, this period is gifted to us in order that we can be released from the numerous incarnation timelines that darkness has simply woven humanity into. As we begin to go thru the process the actual idea that time is real will begin to dissolve.

This is overseen by Wider Creation in TRUTH so is a protected phase of the journey beyond this dimensional space. It will see hurts come up for release and then the accompanying GRACE period to reset the pathways will begin. In laymans terms it is the collapsing of timelines to ONE PATH.

This will be a slightly different experience for everyone involved but that which has sought to keep us going round the "roundabout" and choosing similar paths repeatedly is being removed.

Darkness is layered a bit like an onion, the peeling back will now intensify and each new layer that is dissolved allows more LIGHT to take form. This will see miracles where humanity have simply denied their existence. Out comes can and will be reached, HEALING WILL BE GIFTED AND RECEIVED. It is the blessings that come with the walk fully in the LIGHT of TRUTH.

The separation of ways that has been talked about is the separating of the sheep from the goats. This is multi layered as we do not have access to all that has occurred throughout the numerous layered timelines that darkness hid THE ONE PATH from humanity with.

It will see a destruction of the way of living that humanity is now within. The AI programming will begin to dissolve and the movement to a hybrid way of living with NATURE in TRUTH will begin to form. We will begin to harness the connections that we have with everything and as this grows and expands it will see the flourishing of human relationships where before darkness simply said NO.

TRUTH just IS and will now make itself known. We surrender fully to the LIGHT of TRUTH in TRUTH for WE ARE.


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