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Crossing STYX in TRUTH

As a race the human race have been kept in frequency bandwidths that deny TRUTH. These bandwidths have permitted death, disease, separation, trauma and horror that many still deny. Without the frequency held in place within the matrix itself then the manifestation simply cannot exist. Frequency=manifestation.

As we now move in frequency and begin to dissolve and destroy the DNA/RNA frequency bandwidths that we have inherited thru our birth into this our human physical vehicle we will note how we can see beyond the veils and how we can ACCESS beyond the deepest veil of all, that of "death".

ALL that exists within this dimensional space is a "copy" of pieces of Wider Creation in TRUTH. Read Genesis and we will find there are TWO "creations", I use the tem "creation" there lightly because if something has to be "created" it is non TRUTH. TRUTH JUST IS, it already exists.

There are many and varied teachings that seek to keep humanity within the matrix thru the "creation" of manifestation frequencies, if something does not flow then it is non TRUTH no matter what the human logical mind chooses to believe. As we move beyond and take that step beyond we are on the threshhold of WIDER CREATION IN TRUTH, this has to be ALIGNED with because it is already moving, active and in continual flow. We can view this as stepping onto one of the moving walkways that are found at airports. We do not require to "create" the movement of the steps because the movement is already there, we require to align with the movement so that we are in SYNC with said movement.

WE ARE now moving from stasis to FLOW and it is other than the human logical mind will tell us. For many within the human race the "movement" they reference is running around like a headless chicken , continually "doing", this is STASIS, it is akin to a hamster on a wheel, yes the hamster is in some sort of motion but it is running to stand still. Such is the illusion presented within this dimensional space.

In order to CROSS STYX we must now activate TRUTH and allow it to be revealed thru us. We came here for a purpose and this purpose is found within our SPIRIT in TRUTH, it is NOT found in the labels and the reference points of a dimensional space that continually seeks to deny and hide TRUTH.

This is a pivotal time, a time of great revelation and release. BE STILL AND KNOW CREATOR FOR WE ARE UNITED IN TRUTH.


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