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We stand at the point of NO RETURN and many can now feel this. Below the residual grief, below the frequency that is seeking to get INTO and embed itself within humanity is a different frequency, one that is breaking up the rogue frequency and allowing those from Wider Creation in TRUTH to move into the spaces between spaces.

This of course is supported by the skull matrices which are now opening fully to allow the 144,000 plus ten plus two to step out of the main parts of the dimensional space referenced as "earth". We can view this as walking along a train track in a subway. The grief frequency is a train that is hurtling along the tracks but as we walk thru the tunnels we are afforded OPEN DOORS in which to step thru OFF the tracks thus preventing us from being flattened by said grief frequency.

The need to be in the deep heart space is at this time vital. The movement is supported in our understanding thru the latest MATRIX movie which is hitting our screens in the coming few linear days. Its actual release date and what is within the movie itself will trigger to new levels those who are beginning to awaken to CREATION PURPOSE and VALIDATE that which has been lived by them since the last film was created. ALL IS in PLAIN VIEW, nothing is hidden.

This dimensional space and those who created and are attempting to maintain it work to DISCREDIT and cause confusion to the logical part of the human life experience. "This cant be happening, it doesnt make any sense" is the cry that humanity have uttered for the last almost 2 linear years but IT IS HAPPENING and no it makes no sense, nothing does, logical sense has nothing to do with anything other than to be used to confuse. If we come from the conditioning stand point of logic and reason we are lost before we even begin.

We are now at a pivotal point in the clearing of major grief process. I placed the offering yesterday of ANGELIC readings and today I place a similar offering of SKULL readings. This is to allow for the reconnection and validation that is required at this time. This offering is placed in TRUTH, it is thru guidance and those who choose to take up this offering will understand why it is being made in this way at a human everyday waking life experience level. If the Skull Reading draws you then please email me at truthcodes@gmail. com to request. Readings will be sent by return email so please be careful when requesting that the email you are sending the request from is the one you wish to be delivered thru.



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