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Crystal Skulls

When it comes to healing and aligning with higher frequencies we cannot forget the Crystal Skulls. Indeed when I began my training in crystal, color and vibrational healing it was the crystal skulls who stepped forward immediately.

There is much confusion around crystal skulls but this is part of the "hiding" of their purpose and their abilities to aid us in the route out of darkness and into the LIGHT of TRUTH.

Those who are called to skulls will have the call repeated, it may be that it begins with the image of the skull then builds up to the actual crystal skull itself. When a crystal skull comes physically into your presence EVERYTHING changes.

Working with crystal skulls allows for a connection that deepens as the crystal skulls (both in physical form and those who have chosen not to take physical form as of yet) begin to transfer their messages thru us.

The human vehicle is akin to an antenna, as we hone our frequency we get a clear message thru all the static - "LOVE is the ANSWER". It is LOVE in TRUTH that is being relayed thru the Crystal Kingdom, thru the Crystal Skulls and thru the Archangelic Kingdom. There is NO separation between these energies and as we work more closely with them we will begin to understand this to new levels.



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