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Currency upgrades in TRUTH

In this our human physical form we are conditioned to view "currency" as actual money, indeed the digital transference that is occurring within humanity at this time is seeking to hide this further. Where we find "currency" and we look only at the physical money aspect we are holding an illusion that seeks to hold us to a false promise. It is CURRENCY that is being addressed at this time, all is frequency and all is vibration, it is currency that affects the frequency and the vibration. Indeed it is currency that has held humanity hostage to the Old Earth Matrix by continually placing money in front of them. Many within humanity see the 99 percent as somehow being the amount of people who control when in TRUTH it is the currency that is controlling and those people simply resonate with the currency. But the currency of the Old Earth Matrix is a low dense currency.

It interrupts the flow of TRUTH by short circuiting the human physical vehicle. At this time ORION is sending out various updates to our frequency that address the short circuiting of our human physical vehicle. A short circuit occurs when we reach a ceiling frequency and then are held in place, it manifests as a type of limbo and is not pleasant to live within. We will feel that somethings is off but we simply cannot find a way to work our way to releasing or even seeing it. This is a control mechanism of the Old Earth Matrix which continually pushes the conditioning of "trapped, no way out". It will continue to enforce this as long as it can and the only way to go thru is to "download" the upgrade, view the human physical vehicle as a type of computer, in order for it to work at optimum levels it has to be in tune, it has to have a base operating system that is compatible with that which is running inside of it. Where we find issues we will find currency that is affecting the entire human physical vehicle, addressing the issue as a separate scenario leads further into the illusion.

We are asked at this time to become more fluid and we can only do this if we surrender to the transmissions that are sent to aid us, that which is blocking us will step forward and reveal itself because that is how the transmissions are designed. To bring the debris to the surface, so that all that is not TRUTH simply reveals itself as it cannot remain within us. The Old Earth Matrix will continue to send out its upgrades, a bit like security patches that seek to keep the human physical vehicle resonant with the Old Earth Matrix as this is not TRUTH we will be opposed if we attempt to default to this conditioning.

For help addressing frequency issues and for information about the transmissions that are affecting the human physical vehicle please visit the main ORION PORTAL website.

For one to one sessions that illuminate the root that is holding the human life experience static one to one sessions can be ordered HERE



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