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Cutting the umbilical CHORD in TRUTH

We are heavily conditioned in this our human physical form to conform.  Whether this be within our immediate family structures or the wider social structure which our family structure FEEDS INTO.  All is wrapped around us feeding on our emotional reaction to said conditioning and wrapping us in layers of frequency that are not our own.  We can lose ourselves within this layering and those within the expansion in TRUTH process are now having this layering dissolved.

This will bring up foundation fears and these have to be released and permitted to dissolve fully.  We are the physical product of our parents and the old earth construct/matrix does an excellent job of conditioning us to accept the fears and emotional distress of our parents, using these as navigation tools for our human life experience in this our human physical form.

These fears and emotional distress are not conscious, they are absorbed between the ages of zero and two years old, they are absorbed where we have no human language, at the ages of between zero and two years old we rely primarily on body language and no matter what the words that come of our mouths, our body language does not lie. It cannot hide that which the mouth talks around and this primes us for our later years in this our human physical form.

It is not by accident or co incidence that when we are adults and we visit our parents (or primary caregivers in those early years) that we begin to adopt the emotional response and behaviors of our younger selves. We may be fully functioning adults in the wider waking world, but on visiting with our parents may find ourselves feeling like we are 12 years old again and feel the emotional distress that we have hidden begin to reveal itself.

This also works the opposite way with parents of children still treating them as said children when it is obvious the child has grown and matured. "He/she will always be my baby" is a well used phrase that hides the emotional distress that is tucked away in response to the growing and maturing of said "baby".

At this time the internal hidden bondage that humanity are wrapped within is being illuminated in order it can be dissolved.  Much like a ship cannot sail from a harbor when its mooring ropes are tied up with the boats around it, we cannot set sail on new tides if we are wrapped in the stasis of those around us.

Again the hidden part of the bondage is the strongest. We may fully believe that we make adult decisions about our adult lives from a self perspective but the hidden emotional bondage has an effect. We subconsciously and unconsciously take into consideration the emotional impact of our decisions on those around us specifically our early years caregivers/parents.  Now you may state "well my parents have passed so i am free" but this is assumption, a very damaging one, it matters not whether the caregiver/parent is still living and breathing or not. Indeed the strongest bondage is that created thru the passing of the caregiver/parents.  As we are conditioned to believe that death is somehow the end many cannot move beyond this and are as a result trapped in the emotional distress of unsaid and unspoken.

This is not TRUTH, the spirit is eternal and the dimensional space the soul passes to is accessible but it is only accessible safely in the full surrender IN Christ, to walk into this dimensional space without this surrender is to enter the hall of mirrors. The reflections do not all belong to the same entity and it is this hall of mirrors that many have entered and are still trapped within.

At this time we are given the choice as to whether to cut the umbilical CHORD and to move freely or to remain tied and remain in stasis. As remaining tied is not TRUTH it will be fully opposed by our Creator YHWY and the frustration and pressure that builds when this occurs is palpable. We serve no one permitting these hidden ties to continue to influence and corrupt our freedom of movement. We in this our human life experience are here for a finite amount of time and yet remain in the toddler stage unable to grow and mature due to these hidden bonds. The time to grow and mature is NOW, the time to be free in TRUTH is NOW but it is a choice and one that many will rally against fully believing that somehow they are keeping "family tradition" alive.  This illusion is a strong one, it has glued humanity at levels that are now solidifying if permitted.

In order to set sail we have to actually physically take action. We cannot simply remain resting in the dream state created and maintained thru the old earth construct/matrix itself.  It is time to awaken and leave the bed that has been made so comfortable and in which many refuse to move from believing that rest is somehow required.  We may need a nap when we are a child and our physical human form is growing but now we are asked to move from this stasis to become fully formed spiritually. This requires growth at unprecedented levels and which can only ever be achieved in full surrender IN Christ and the dissolving of the spiritual bondage which prevents said growth from unfolding. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c Karen Doonan

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