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Death is not the end, it is the illusion to end all illusions

If there is one aspect of the human life experience that humanity run from it is death and yet death is the one guaranteed part of this our human human life experience. Our physical human vehicle will come to the end of its warranty and it will expire.  Note that this is the death of the physical human vehicle, it is not death of who we are in TRUTH. It is not the death of our SPIRIT for our SPIRIT is eternal.

We are sidetracked within the old earth construct/matrix continually and none more so in relation to ageing and death.  Many within humanity spend so much time attempting to bypass and stall the ageing of the human physical vehicle that they side step living.  Always attempting to keep hold of some aspect of the human life experience that requires to be let go of. What we did/lived and experienced in our teens for example or our twenties is part of our ENTIRE human life experience, we have the experience and we build upon it. It shapes us, it allows us to expand and to begin the movement that sees us live however much like the process of grieving over the death of a loved one we can become stuck in the process itself.

We can get lost in the grieving process and find ourselves continually trying to relive or recapture something that is no longer there.  The human life experience is an experience and it incurs input from us. When we step out of it and begin to yearn, to pull back or even to stop our life from progressing then we are stuck within the grief that comes with all human life experience.  We grieve in many different ways and we do not only grieve over the physical death of a loved one. We may believe that we have missed an opportunity in our life experience and move into grieving for the loss. It will be heavily disguised to us and we may not even link the grieving with the loss of opportunity and yet we will remain there.

We will then attempt to hold on to memories, to events and even to people, holding them in place in fear of letting go because we believe that somehow our life experience is other than it should be.  We can only ever make change to our human life experience if we are ACTIVELY IN it. If we are within the grief, the denial and the side stepping that we are not actively IN, we are standing on the edges and darkness knows this.

Much like the analogy of surrendering IN Christ where the example was getting into a car in order to begin a journey and not standing outside the car the same applies to our human life experience. We often take the viewpoint that we can separate ourselves from that which is occurring around us, which of course we can, but in doing this we step outside the vehicle that is our human physical vehicle at a spiritual level and we no longer then are actively IN our own human life experience.

This is often highlighted by the phrase "watching life pass us by".  Yes it is possible and many are doing this without understanding the difference between active and non active. For many within the new age movement this has almost become rote and ritual with many determined to side step the life of those around them. Believing that by remaining separate and in their "own space" that they can effect change that will be prevented by their interaction with those around them. Nothing is further from TRUTH, stepping into a holding pattern does nothing but hold EVERYONE in the pattern.

Those who are in the process of side stepping humanity are merely parking up by the roadside and taking out a flask and a chair and watching it all go past. It is ACTIVE interaction at an everyday human life experience level that effects change and we have to interact with ALL of humanity in order to send that wave out THRU HUMANITY.

At this time this is now taking shape and many within the expansion in TRUTH process may be querying why they have been moved into the thick of things.  Interactions will have expanded and the daily human life experience that many assume to be a herd mentality will be interacted with. AS IT IS IT WILL BE DISSOLVED and this will be physically experienced by those who are now being shown this veil ripping.

It is everyday interaction, it is talking, it is being physically involved with those around you that effects change and this will feel a little bit strange after perhaps years of doing the exact opposite but it has to happen for ALL AFFECTS ALL AFFECTS ALL.

It is frequency that dictates manifestation, it is frequency that dictates experience and it is frequency that now sends out a shock wave thru all of humanity. This wave of LIGHT will be felt and received in a variety of ways. It is not our responsibility how those around us react to this pulse wave that is now sent from the depths of our connection to our heart space. The gift is there, it is presented to all but not all will accept or even acknowledge the gift.

We are asked at this time to remain IN the LIGHT of TRUTH, to remain still and allow that which pulses thru the whole of humanity to take effect. This may see relationships altered dramatically, understanding suddenly reached and the full release of all, any and every level of grief in relation to the human life experience itself.  Spiritually we are stepping on the gas after lifetimes of merely sitting in the passenger seat.  For many the changing lanes, taking a different route and altering course will be very dramatic for others it will simply be a nudge but for ALL it is the opportunity to LIVE in TRUTH. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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