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Death of the old, birth of the NEW in TRUTH

We are hardwired to hold on to that which is "familiar" and 'routine".  This is part of our foundation within our human physical life experience. Indeed when we feel that either is under threat we will unconsciously seek out ways in which to hold on to that which is moving.  This is born of the soul and its need to maintain the navigation that it contains, the more we attempt to change from the inner navigation the more of an internal fight we will find begins to manifest.

Peace is not something that is achieved out with our surrender to Christ. The human logical mind interprets peace as denial, so that we can undergo massive shifting in our human life experience and our human logical mind will go into overdrive attempting to rationalize it. It is in the rationalization of said human life experience that the denial is birthed.  We are not here to deny anything, we are here to acknowledge and to hand all to Christ in order to move into new landscapes and new experiences. It is deceptively easy to remain within the "familiar" and yet label it new. New means NEVER EVER EXPERIENCING something beforehand.

We are not trying to somehow fill out our human life experience, to pad it out so that it is comfortable, much like a caterpillar that morphs into a butterfly the movement out of the old and into the new involves complete re design and complete rebirth.  The butterfly keeps none of the old that it required when it lived as a caterpillar for none of it applies as soon as it becomes the butterfly.

We cannot do this alone, the human logical mind is a powerful tool and one that is used repeatedly to manipulate and control humanity.  It is a polarized tool, only accepting that which is logical and rational and it works at all moments to defend itself. We cannot use the human logical mind to create anything for that is not its purpose, the human logical mind is but a storage tool for the experiences that we have in this our human physical form.

Now as we move further along the narrow path and begin to pick up speed, moving at times for longer than we have at any other point in our Salvation in TRUTH process we will be jolted by the refusal of our human logical mind to accept the birthing of new into our external human life experience.  We must allow the movement for without it we are in limbo and yet we will face our own internal fear of the "unknown' which is an intense conditioning that all of humanity are subject to repeatedly.

There is no "safety" in numbers for each of us has a creation purpose that is unique and it is this creation purpose that is now being revealed.  This allows for us to move into a dimensional space in order to take our places as the new is now birthed into physical form around us.  It is our human mind which will challenge this for it is has no reference points for this phase of the process and it does not require to have.

When we are born into this our human form we do not have to control any aspect of our creation within the womb from which we came.  We do not sit for the 9 internal months and worry that our arms will be long enough or that our eyes will be formed properly and yet within the birthing process this will ignite within us if we allow it.

We must trust and have faith in our Creator YHWY who designed us for our creation purpose, who will supply all that we require in order for us to birth fully into position in His Will, under His protection and remaining in our surrender fully protected through the blood of Christ, Himself.

2 Corinthians 5:17 (KJV)

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new  ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST. Kx

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