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Death of the Old in TRUTH

We have as a race become adept at walking around our own internal pain.  We think that we make decisions based on rationale and logic but in TRUTH we subconsciously make our decisions based on the emotional landscape that remains hidden to our conscious waking mind.  We are conditioned to store experience and to reference it against the outer waking reality.  It is a myth to assume that when we look at another person we see them as they are in TRUTH.  What we "see" is based on how we feel at that particular moment.  There may be phrases such as "live in the moment" or "be in the now" but these phrases hide TRUTH.  How can anyone be in the exact moment when they are surrounded by the triggering of the outer waking reality?

How can we feel joy, laughter and peace when we are storage vessels for the pain, trauma and separation of that which we are born into?  Happiness in human terms is referenced in a myriad of ways. I have long blogged about the way the media is used to manipulate, products are sold on how they make the audience feel not what they can do for someone, product placement, product description all play to the mind scapes within human consciousness.  We need only take a look at previous periods of history to see this, what is accepted as a human life experience in this current age is vastly different from that which was deemed acceptable in the past century.

Immediately upon reading the last sentence the human logical mind will start to defend today and the age we seem to live in citing that society has somehow matured or "evolved" and yet society is still killing itself, it just chooses to use more subtle methods in which to achieve its end.

In order to move out of the life experience that we are tied to within Lucifer's world we must begin to allow the dissolving of said reference points and to begin to allow understanding of the entrapment of the outer waking reality.Matthew 26:41 (KJV) Watch and pray, that ye enter not into temptation: the spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak.

This is interpreted in a variety of various ways most of them based in logic.  The "flesh" that is talked about is the human vehicle itself, which is of course driven by the human logical mind. We are conditioned to follow the breadcrumbs of logic at all moments. When something makes logical sense then we tend to give it more credence and so the strengthening of the "flesh" is achieved.Romans 12:2 (KJV) And be not conformed to this world: but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind, that ye may prove what is that good, and acceptable, and perfect, will of God

The "conforming" is much much more subtle that simply allowing everything to be in this our human life experience. Many who are trapped within the construct of religion interpret the above verse very literally and there are many false prophets that seek to restrict that which is experienced in this our human form citing "its a sin".  To give a list of rules and doctrine serves no one because until we understand why something is considered a sin then we will continually fall to said sin.  Take marriage for example, marriage is deemed in the Word of YHWY to be one man and one woman.  The conditioning that is taking place at ever increasing rates within humanity is that somehow it is against a human beings right to have this restricted and that any combination is acceptable. How do we conform to this? by slowly accepting it and not challenging the man made laws that are attempting to make it illegal to have a righteous opinion.  The war against our Creator YHWY is ever raging and its in Lucifer's interest to undermine and in many cases fully break the sanctity of marriage. It is the foundation of the family and it is the "family" that is under attack.

It is not only being attacked through the conditioning we are subject to at a very obvious waking level it is being driven sub consciously. Phrases such as "anything goes" are placed in various media and are picked up sub consciously by humanity.  This is used as a false reference point and then we are redirected ever so subtly.  Please note that in stating the above I am not stating that we sit in judgement for that is not our place yet the human logical mind says "if you are not for me then you are against me".  This polarization is what is birthed and manifests as the continual division that humanity experience.

We cannot see the vastly bigger picture from ground level, we cannot see the result of the choices that humanity make in say 50 years time and yet when humanity choose there is always a result. We tend to look at people they way they appear to us at that moment in time, we do not see that the person we look at (this includes ourselves) is where they are due to the previous choices that were made.  It is how humanity reach certain key points in their human life experience and wonder how on earth life turned out the way that it has. It was not so much of a conscious waking choice but a series of subconscious and unconscious choices that led them onto the paths that they walk.

Lucifer designed the world to be the mass of confusion that it is. It is designed to play the human logical mind and its need for more and more information in order to make more and more reference points, its how human consciousness was born. It drives what is behind the so called AI movement which is to bring to life a non sentient entity to "think for itself".  So driven is this movement that possibly no one has understood the result of this and the effect it is having on the human life experience itself.  Lucifer has simply whispered in the ear of humanity "you don't need God, you can be a God" and many have blindly followed.

We are all blind until we can see and we are in the end of days. Humanity can go no further without full and final collapse and yet this remains hidden. The rebellion within humanity reaching such a point that the mere question of there being any other way in which to live is met with ridicule which is more pressure to "conform", to maintain the "status quo" but said "status quo" does not remain still it moves ever so slowly, continually moving humanity further and further from their purpose, further and further from their heart and further into logic and reasoning. It is the sterilization of humanity in order to reach full rebellion.

The death of the "old" is not how or what we lived or experienced before, it is more than this, it is the full surrender of "knowledge" for understanding. It is handing the reigns of our human life experience to Christ and surrendering to Him fully. This is not as the human logical mind would state as giving up, there are many ways to give up that look other than they are in TRUTH. It is understanding that we have been locked into a false reality, that we were NEVER created to be simply storage vessels for human pain and misery.  It is accepting that whilst we cannot physically see it there is a better, more productive way to live in this our human form and that by allowing Christ to heal our deepest hurts, our deepest pain and separation and by allowing ourselves to forgive and be forgiven we can walk in new ways, experiencing, harmony and healing where before we simply endure more pain, separation and trauma.

The challenge of course is to take the first step for so in pain is the human race that many would simply fight to their last breath to remain in what they perceive as "full control" of their human life experience. Their rebellion very clear in their denial of anything other than that which the human eyes can see and the human logical mind accept.  The ridicule of course is deliberate for it seeks to touch the rebellion that is within us, it is why we are asked to surrender ALL to Christ, to heal all for when we step into the full healing offered only by Christ we can see with clarity the pain that drives those around us. We can step out of the war that we are conditioned simply to accept as part and parcel of being human, for the war is already won. Lucifer entices humanity to continue the fight, this is his rebellion.

We have a choice, to continue to inflict pain, hurt and separation or to put down our swords and understand who we are in TRUTH. We did not come here to fight but to enforce our Victory on the Cross through Christ which is done by opening our hearts and denying LUCIFER HIMSELF.

We are protected under the Blood of Christ and nothing can touch us unless we allow ourselves to fall to the illusion that it can.

Proverbs 3:5 - 6 (KJV)

Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Standing in a forest we cannot see the entire forest but the individual trees which will all look the same. In order to see the forest we must change our perspective and allow the picture to be revealed in TRUTH.

We are conditioned within this our human form to maintain our eyes to the ground, now we are asked to look up for the sun does not shine merely to give us light, it shines to give us direction, the only LIGHT in TRUTH shines from above, it shines so that we can acknowledge that we walk in darkness and require the LIGHT of TRUTH to guide us home in TRUTH. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE in CHRIST Kx

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