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Death of the old is REBIRTH of the new in TRUTH

In this our human physical form we begin to attach and place anchors in those around us. This is a fully conditioned trait and one that is encouraged by the old earth matrix/construct and is very strong within family generations.  That which is hidden by this conditioning is the stasis that this wraps us within, those who pass from human physical form back to spirit leave an emotional residue that is accepted and anchored within those who are left behind in physical human form.

It is this emotional residue that becomes the glue that keeps the generations bound together and then becomes the quick sand thru which the generations attempt to move thru in order to avoid repeating the emotional patterns of the previous generations. As it is not possible to avoid repeating patterns where there is denial of emotional residue this sees family relationships repeat to the point that they then can become toxic.  For many the death of a family relative is not the release that they expected, it is a binding that for many begins to suffocate.

We are given many false teachings in respect of death and of dying. It is a part of the human life experience that many go to extreme lengths to avoid thinking about, understanding or even experiencing.  When we are faced with death of relative we can often be surprised by the reactions of those around us as well as our own reactions. I am using the example of the death of a relative in this blog but this can be applied to everything within our human life experience.

The death of a relationship, the death of a dream, the death of a hoped for outcome, all endings are a type of death and as humanity is conditioned to fear death it moves into avoidance and denial of all emotional reactions to death, full stop.

At this time in the evolution of humanity there is a lot of death and there has to be, we have been held within a construct that is not TRUTH, just because we have learned to survive within said matrix/construct does not make it TRUTH. Many are crying out for the old earth construct/matrix to be brought to an end but they are crying out for it to end in a way that they feel most comfortable with and therein lies the manipulation point.

We have to accept that the way we have been living in this our human physical form is not TRUTH and in our surrender IN Christ we have to trust the process that we then undergo to extract ourselves from said old earth construct/matrix. It is not us per se that is doing the extraction, we cannot for we are blinded by the old earth construct/matrix by design, if we were not then it could never have been created. So we stumble blindly within it and the only route out of said construct/matrix is our surrender IN Christ for only Christ has gone beyond the main boundary of said matrix which is death.

This may bring up a lot of fear for many within humanity, we have the construct of religion tying in the death of the old with the death physically of humanity and this is not TRUTH, this is another attempt at manipulation of the emotional residue. We die to the old but this does not involve our physical death of the human vehicle that we are incarnated into. As the human logical mind sees this as an oxymoron it denies it. How can we die to something yet remain alive?

It is the dissolving and the death of all that is not TRUTH that triggers the emotional reactions that we can see within humanity at this time. The anger, the fear and the attempt at controlling the death itself. All is a mind game that has to be removed in order for clarity and understanding to be reached. We will be given physical human everyday life experience of why something has to end so that we reach said understanding but we cannot do this without a full surrender IN Christ which sees us open our heart space and take shelter within it. The human logical mind is not the salvation it states that it is. Many at this time are on the verge of insanity attempting to work out the next move of something that will die completely.  It matters not what movement it makes because NONE OF IT WILL REMAIN.

It is not our role to figure out what will happen when it is gone because as it dies it reveals that which is behind it, that which has always existed but has been hidden to humanity. We do not create a new reality for wider Creation in TRUTH ALREADY EXISTS. We have been separated from it and denied entry to it, in our surrender IN CHRIST we are connected to it and in connecting to it we are moved out of the old and into the new in TRUTH.

As ALL IS FREQUENCY it is our frequency that is changed and expanded. FREQUENCY is the root of manifestation.  If there is no frequency there is no manifestation. This simple TRUTH is denied by the majority of humanity who fall to the human logical mind interpretation of what is "solid" and what is "reality". The old earth construct/matrix is pushing virtual reality in order to blur the lines and in doing so blind further.

TRUTH JUST IS, when all else is removed it is all that is left.  It is the removing part that humanity struggle with because we have been conditioned to hold tightly to that which is around us. LOVE IN TRUTH IS FLUID, it allows for vast movement but we have to let go fully in order to achieve this movement. We cannot lose because we have already lost, being born into the old earth construct/matrix birthed our separation from TRUTH and our life within said construct WIDENS our separation. We do not lose anything but thru becoming fluid and surrendering IN Christ, we begin to be born anew. We let go of the separation, the trauma, the pain and the distance and we begin to embrace TRUTH, as we do so we are reborn in TRUTH and we can then reach the understanding necessary to understand our previous experiences within this construct/matrix.

More importantly we begin to reach the understanding of both why humanity are resistant to this change and why they require to surrender to it.  In a battle there comes a point where one side wins and the battle ends. At this point the surrender ensues and the change is born thru the victory. Darkness will seek to keep humanity blind to the VICTORY that has already been won for them. WE DO NOT REQUIRE TO KEEP THE BATTLE GOING WE REQUIRE TO ENFORCE OUR VICTORY which states that have the right to life in TRUTH.

It is this simple and this will now be revealed in TRUTH as world events reveal the depth of manipulation that humanity have been subject to.  Doing nothing other than accepting is the first step in permitting change to flow in, to and around us.  Denial is the wall that prevents freedom by keeping us locked within the battle that is not TRUTH.

JOHN 5:30 (KJV)

I can of mine own self do nothing: as I hear, I judge: and my judgment is just; because I seek not mine own will, but the will of the Father which hath sent me. ALL JUST IS and WE ARE LOVE is the ANSWER, no MATTER the QUESTION (c) Karen Doonan

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